When He Text You+ When You Hang Out

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I yawned and stretched. Today, I didn't have to babysit. A day off. I was laying on my bed, watching TV. It was so peaceful, until that peacefulness was ruined by a sound of vibration. I groaned and turned my head, and grabbed my phone. I turned it on. I saw that I got a message. I clicked on it.

Namikaze- Hey (Y/N)

You- Hey Minato

Namikaze- How are you? :)

You- I'm good, what about you?

Namikaze- I'm good! Today, Naruto is with his mother, and I don't have any work.

You- That's nice! Is he doing well?

Namikaze- Yes! Thanks for asking. Hey are you busy right now?

You- No, I don't have to babysit for today

Namikaze- Cool, would you like to hang out? I can meet you somewhere

You- I would love to hang out, where do you wanna meet?

Namikaze- How about the park, where we met last week?

You-That would be nice! I'll see you there!

Namikaze- Okay :)

I turned my phone off, and got out of bed. I sighed, and started to get ready.

[Skip time]

I arrived at the park, I sighed and looked around, until I spotted that familiar blonde spiky hair. I smiled, as I approached him. "Minato, hi." I said catching his attention. He turned around and sent me a kind smile. "Hi!" He said. I smiled back, "Have you eaten?" He asked. I shook my head, "Only this morning." I said. "Great! I wanted to get ice cream." He said. "Alright!" I smiled, as me and him started to walk to a nearby ice cream parlor.

Me and Minato arrive at the parlor, we walked in and the place looked absolutely adorable. the walls were decorated with pink stripes, and cute little hearts over the wall. "It's so cute in here!" I quietly squealed. He chuckled, "Yea. Me and Naruto come here sometimes." He said. I smiled, as we headed towards the counter. There stood a tall male, with black hair, and green eyes. "Welcome to Poppy's Ice Cream Parlor!" He said cheerfully, and sent us both a kind smile. "Hello, can I have one cookies and creme ice cream." Minato said. "I'll have a (F/I/C/F) [Favorite Ice Cream Flavor]." I said. The male nodded, and got us our ice cream. "They seem kind here." I said. "They're very kind." He said, and chuckled.

I smiled, as the male gave us our ice cream. "That'll be two fifty [2.50]." He said. Minato nodded, and paid for the ice cream. We then left. We started walking and eating our ice creams. "The place is cheap, but still make very good ice cream." He said, and smiled. I then noticed that he had a bit of ice cream on his upper lip. "Ah! Hold up." I said, causing us both to stop. He looked at me a bit curious, "Whats wr--." He stopped himself when I wiped the delicious treat off his lip with my thumb. "There." I said, but then I noticed his face turning red.

"Are you okay?" I ask. He nods. "Yea." He said and sent me a kind smile. I smiled back as we kept walking. We talked, joked, and laughed the whole entire time. Until Minato picked up his phone, "Oh! Sorry I have to go now! Kushina is going to bring home Naruto!" Minato said. "It's alright, it was fun while it lasted." I said. He nodded, and smiled. "See you later!" He said, and went off. I smiled happily, and went home.

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