Sushi (Gajeel x Reader)

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Hey guys, enjoy the oneshot! This wasn't requested, but I wanted to do it! Anyways, you guys know the drill.
-Proud_Otaku-, I am going to work on your Lucy x Sick! Fem! Reader right after this!

You and Gajeel have a love/hate relationship; that's the simplest way to describe it. You insult each other all the time, but you are also good friends, if that makes sense. It's almost as if he totally hates you one second, but is super friendly with you the next. You've come to except his weird habits and you gladly participate in the insulting.
  But, contrary to your thoughts, Gajeel has never hated you. In fact, he has loved you since the 6th grade, when you introduced yourself to him as "The Dankest of Dorks." He just has a hard time showing his feelings, and no matter how it frustrates him, he can never get the right words out.
  "Hey, Dank Dork," Gajeel said, smirking at you as you walked down the hall. He placed his elbow on your head and you shook it off, smirking back.
"Hey, Iron Heart," you responded. You had always been fascinated by his many piercings, so you of course centered his nickname on them.
"Where are we going today for lunch?" he asked. You snorted.
"We? I thought you didn't eat with 'stupid little shorties' like me!" you scolded, quoting his latest insult. He glared at you and you sighed. "Fine. I am going to eat under the Sakura tree in the school yard. You are welcome to join me, Iron Heart." And with that, you were off, Gajeel following like a lost puppy behind you, although you couldn't see that.
  "What's for lunch?" Gajeel asked once you were both under the tree. 
  "I'm having sushi," you responded, smiling excitedly. Everyone in the school knew of your insane obsession with all types of sushi, so Gajeel rolled his eyes in frustration when you announced you had it for the 5th time this week.
  "Dork, this is the 5th time this week! You know I hate sushi!" Gajeel complained. He huffed and looked away, angry.
  You looked at him with a "are you serious right now" expression and sighed. "Welp, too bad, so sad. I don't pack my lunches to feed you, Iron Boi," you replied, beginning to eat your sushi. Gajeel glared at you, but what you didn't know is that he was admiring how adorable you looked with the Sakura petals in your hair.
  He had to tell you how he felt someday, or else it would be too late. You were both already in the 12th grade, and it was late May. When the school year ended, he would never have a chance to tell you how he felt.
  "Y/N, I have something-" Gajeel was interrupted by the bell for the next class ringing. He sighed and patted your head.
  "See you later, shorty," he said, giving you a small wave as he walked off. You watched him leave, and then smiled to yourself as you packed up the rest of your lunch. Even if you didn't show it, you did like it when Gajeel talked to you and spent time with you.

  "Wait up, Y/N," Gajeel called as you walked off the school premises and began your way home. You turned around and Gajeel was jogging toward you, most likely to try out his newest insult.
  "Yes, Iron Boi?" you asked, smirking. He smirked back and placed his elbow on your head as you walked.
  "Where're you going?" he asked. You were confused.
  "I'm going home, where are you going?" you responded. He chuckled, but you were sure he had a small blush tinted on his cheeks.
  "I'm... I'm going to the sushi place down on Main Street. You're welcome to join me," he said. Knowing that you didn't get to eat much of your sushi for lunch today since lunch ended super early, he had taken it upon himself to take you out to an... early dinner?
  Your eyes brightened and your smirk transformed into an even brighter smile. "Really?" you asked. It was also possible that he was joking or playing a prank on you, but you really hoped it was neither.
  "Yep. I'll drive you there, just text your parents that you'll be home a little late," he told you. You were beyond excited. You always had a crush on Gajeel, and not only was he inviting you out, but to a sushi restaurant!
  Before you could get too caught up in the moment, though, a thought came to mind and you decided to ask Gajeel about it as you walked to his car.
  "Hey, Iron Heart?" you asked, looking up. He looked down at you.
  "I thought you didn't like sushi."
  "I don't."
  "Then why are you going with me to a sushi restaurant?"
  "Well," Gajeel said, blushing slightly. "I wanted to be with you, and I knew you would say yes if I asked you to sushi."
  You blushed a little. He wanted to be with you?
  "So... is this a date?" you mumbled, afraid of rejection. He smiled at you.
  "Yes. This is a sushi date."

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