My mind flashed back to Kerin's diary entry that I had read that afternoon,as I noticed the echo of footsteps tramping behind me.


Dear Diary

It's after me again! Tonight asI was walking home I heard footsteps behind me. When I looked there was no one there,but the noise continued. I started to run but the splash of water that I heard, told me that whoever ,or whatever it was, was running too. It was so wierd that when I read Mother's old diary, her entry was identical to this one. The date really freaked me out: 1987-05-03. What's happening? Todd doesn't believe me and I'm scared he'll think I'm crazy and dump me. He couldn't see the entry because the writing dissappeared and the page was blank. Anyway, I'd better be "asleep" before Dad comes to check up on me!  

Sleep tight,Diary! 


"Wait,"I thought,"isn't that today's date?"

When will this nightmare of my cousin's diary end? Shivers ran down my spine and it wasn't fom the cold wind or the wet raindrops that were crashing against me. Last year as I sorted through the stuff she left me after her untimely death and suicide, I found two diaries one was plain and brown and so old the pages were yellow. It had the name Helen Price in black ink on the front cover. Hey, Price was my aunt's surname and it must be her diary because I was named after her. Aunt Helen,who is my mom's twin sister had committed suicide when Kerin and I were 15. All the scary things had continued to haunt her. My uncle divorced her and then Kerin started having nightmares. She couldn't handle it and commited suicide...... and then so did Kerin? From the same thing? Was I next on the suicide list? The other was a brown hardcover with the word Diary written in gold on the front. Inside Kerin Jane Smith was written neatly in black ink. I didn't realise that the New Year or the diaries would bring such a scary disaster.

I caught a glimpse of a shadow but nothing else as I cotinued my journey home in the rain. It's just my over-reacting imagination or just my mind creating what Kerin had gone through. Maybe I was feeling guilty that I had not believed her, as a good best friend should. No, something more sinister is at work. After all her diary entry on the day she committed suicide was not very nice!


Dear Diary

I can't take it anymore. Most of the pages in Mom's diary have disappeared; since I let Todd read it. I don't know how to explain that or the fact that everything in her diary is happening to me. No one: not Dad, Brian, Todd or even Helen, (my supposedly best friend and closest cousin) believes me. Well, Diary, I wish she could know what I'm going through. This is my last entry and I bet you no one but you will miss me.


I feel so bad. And scared....what if her wish came true! "No," I thought ,"It's silly, wishes don't come true and there is no such thing as a curse!" Maybe I can convince myself but I don't think that both diaries could have the same entry and that my experiences are also identical. Just coincidents or not?...