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Aibileen White.

That was my name.

I wrote it down with full frustration on the admission form and filled up the rest of it too. The form was now occupied by my neat cursive font, except for my name. It's letters were scratched on angrily and were jumbled in the ugliest way possible.

I never liked it, my name. I always thought it was an extraterrestrial name. When I was younger, I loved it so much but after I grew up, I found it as a piece of weird crap. That was because everyone at school made fun of my name and called me all these weird things. They made a tradition as to laugh whenever my name was called out. High school was a major pain in the ass, head, abs, legs, brain and every other organ.

I gave the lady on the other side of the huge table the form and I saw her bite her lips from laughing out loud. I hated her for that but instead I dismissed myself and marched out of the office. I stepped into the hot sunny day and started sweating. Again.

I could see Fiona, my brother's wife, sitting in the black jeep with tired eyes but still has a smile on her pretty face. She was 20 years old with a fit body, lovely dark grey eyes and long blonde. She was a real life size Barbie. My brother, Christopher, met her in France when he went to a trip with his friends. He came back with her and decided to get married when he was 20 and she was 18.

They made a perfect couple and loved each other that type of love I've only seen in movies. Fiona was pregnant and was going to give birth soon but I don't know when. They were judged and criticized by the public but the words and phrases never acted as obstacles in their magical path.

I sat in the car and Fiona gave me a warm smile. "I'm sorry Fiona, for troubling you to get me here. Mom was really busy with the kids at home and Chris, you know, had an important meeting to attend." I said, I felt really guilty because of dragging her here with me in this hot day.

"Hey, hey, don't worry. I don't complain. I'm okay with it. I just feel a bit down and need to rest for a while. Shall we go?" said Fiona and I nodded. She drove silently to out of the school's gate and headed home. I took out my phone and put in my headphones and turn the volume to 'Payphone by Maroon 5'. I loved that song. It's really amazing.

We reached home quick enough. The school was just blocks away from our new house but Fiona insisted on taking me there. She said I was new here so I shouldn't go on alone. She was such a darling. I never thought of her as my brother's wife, I always considered her as a big sister. She gave great advises and told me all the good stuff to do.

I jumped out of the car and went to help Fiona out too. She stepped down slowly and placed one hand on her huge belly and the other on my shoulder. We walked down to the door of our house and went inside. Violet and Rosemary, 7 year old twins, were jumping on the couch and having a pillow fight. I could hear mom shouting from the kitchen, swearing because of them. She came out and grinned when she saw us. She came and helped me settle Fiona on the couch.

"Honey, I feel terrible for letting you go. I was just so..." mom was saying when Fiona cut her off.

"It's okay, why are you all apologizing? It's not like I'm dying or something. I just have a baby bump." Fiona said and smiled at us.

She was such a sweetheart. She never complained or denied any of our requests.

I took off to my room upstairs. My room and the twins', Violet and Rosemary, room were on the top floor with a bathroom, a tiny kitchen and a play room. Of course, the play room was not for me. I was 16, for god's sake. But the kitchen was meant for me as I loved baking and making desserts. It was my hobby.

I walked into my room and took a minute to stare at all those boxes on the floor. The only thing that was good in the room was that my bed and wardrobe were joined back. We just moved 2 days ago. I didn't arrange anything in my room so I decided to start off this morning since I had nothing better to do.

I opened the first three books which were filled with novels and yearbooks. I pushed them aside and opened the suitcases which were filled with my clothes. Seated on the bed, I started folding each and every dress/shirt/trouser I had and arranged it in my wardrobe. I did the same process for the next 1 hour and finally got tired. I was done with the clothes. The only things left were my shoes, accessories, books, and furniture. Wow, that was a lot but I still decided to push it away and do it later.

I went in the kitchen and picked the ingredients to make brownies. Just then there was a loud scream for outside. I rushed to the tiny window on the kitchen wall and peeped out. There was a boy standing, holding his head and another one laughing out loud with a football in his hand. Boys, I say.

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