Chapter 7

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Avery's POV

I was talking to my friend Devin as I looked up and saw Chica with Mr. Conway at the desk signing in to be guests in the school. I had to admit Chica looked cute in her human form, hell even when I was little up until now she looked cute in her our way in her animatronic form. I smilied and waved back at her. I opened the door that seperated us and said bye to Devin then went to greet Chica and Mr. Conway. I hugged Chica which felt nice to be held in her arms, then shook hands with Mr. Conway. I lead them to my auto class was so Mr. Conway could talk with my teacher. The bell rang and everyone in class was there and on their way in the greeted Chica since she was a new person in the class.

Mr. Walker told us what we had to do and we went straight to work on our jobs. As I opened the gardge door I noticed Chica looking around the room, seeing the many tools and cars in the room. I walked over Mr. Conway's car and started to get to work and what surprised was when Chica asked me to teach her how to repair cars more specfictly Mr. Conway's car. Inside I was a frenzy of nerves, even though on the outside I was calm. I knew that she may be doing this to get close to me to learn my secret and to also really know how to fix this car but I didn't mind at all. By doing this maybe we could share something in common, so I accepted to teach her.

Teaching Chica was like teaching a new born cow to walk. I found she looked cute when she was confused with that hopeless look she had when I first met her on my first night of work, I explained in simple terms for her to understand about what each part did and I even help guild her hands with the tools. Being this close to her made me notice how we seem to fit together like a couple puzzle pieces dispite our height difference. I knew that when we held hands they fit together but right now I felt the urge to just hug and hold Chica close to me and never let go. I blushed slightly at our closeness and continued to guild her how each tool worked. We talked abit while we worked and getting to know Chica was interesing. She had a very good personalty unlike a certain bunny and bear.

I couldn't help but smile at her as we finished working when class was about to end. "You did a good job helping me Susie. We make a great team." I smiled at her and she nodded. "Come on lets get you cleaned up." I lead her over to a sink that was in the shop and helped her get the greese off her hands and arms. "Thanks Avery for teaching me." "Your welcome Susie." The bell rang and people were leaving and Mr. Conway started calling her saying they had to go. "Looks like I have to go. See you later Avery." "Alright." I started to leaned in close to her and I notice she started to tense up. I felt a slight urge to kiss her cheek just to tease her a little but I held back thinking that it might be a little mean so I leaned over to my ear and whispered something.

Something she must have never thought she would hear in her life "See you tonight Chica. I hope we get to know each other more. I know your secret. Maybe I'll tell you mine. Another time." and with that I left, leaving her stunned. The rest of the day went by with me thinking of someways I could tease the others tonight. I felt so evil with what I'm doing but if I simply tell them about myself and what I'm supposed to do well....I think they won't take well with it espcailly Golden Freddy. He is a magic user like Mari, puppt, Fred, Nightmare and him. I can't let them know yet, but if they are smart enough like I think they are, they well figure it out. My secret. If they learn it on their own its fine, everything else shall remain in the void to them.

I learned that Chica and Goldie are smart enough to figure it out first. I bet Chica well be the first to question me face to face while I'm myself or Rave. For now don't worry about a thing, he isn't here yet. For now, survive the rest of the nights and be friend them again. School let out and instead out heading home I went to the outskirts of town where a old warehouse is at. You can see the warehouse from certain points in town but no one ever goes it because they say its hunted but I knew the truth. They just don't want outsiders to find them, and take them or destory them.

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