Chapter 11

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Sara had stayed the whole night. We ended up binge watching Disney movies and pigging out. She left a little earlier to get dressed. We have a pack meeting in a few moments. I was currently making my way down to the amphitheater. Our pack has over ten thousand members. There is now way we can all fit in the theater but for those who don't there are speakers all over and it will be broadcaster live for those who can't attend. Sara and I never have had to worry about finding seats. Between being close friends with Ian and now Sara as Jason's mate. 

I made my way down the dirt trail. There were others around me walking with there family's, mates, and friends. I looked over at the mated pairs. I watched as one couple strolled hand in hand. The man looking down at his mate a grin on his face. Both of them in their own world, happy, and content to be with each other. Why couldn't my life be as easy as that. Why couldn't I be mated to Ian to begin with. I will always have a bond with Azreal but I could never love him or honestly even really care about him. 

As I made my way down the steps I saw Sara a bit ahead of me. I picked up my pace a bit and caught up with her. "Hey" 

"Hey wanna sit with me and Jason?"

"Ya definitely."

I followed her down to the first row. It is where all the the higher ups of the pack were. There was Jason and Sara. Ians third and fourth in command and their families. Ian was already standing by the edge of the platform talking to some of the pack. He looked over at me and gave me a small smile. 

We took our seats. I looked around and saw that every seat was taken and there were many others standing. Ian made his way up the steps to stand on the platform. Instantly a hush fell over the croud. 

"My friends I have asked you here today because of our worsening problems with the Dark pack. They have threatened us for years. But less than a week ago they took something far more precious. My chosen mate and your luna." 

I sucked in a breath shocked at what he had just announced. Sure we have had some moments sense I returned but he didn't even talk to me about it. Everyone had turned to look at me. Most of them had there moths open in shock and others just looked confusing. 

"She was able to make it back on her own. And with her help we plan to attack the Dark pack at full force. It is time to get our revenge. They have taken too much from us for too long. We will show no mercy any and all dark pack members will be exterminated. We will take no prisoners and show no kindness or compaction to those who have slaughtered our own."

At the last part I starred at him in shock and confusion. He had never been so violent. How could he want to wipe out an entire pack. My heart hurt at the thought of something happening to Azreal. I even had pity for the cook and even the brut Malik. The cook was just a kind old women, and Malik might have been a pain in my ass but he did seem to care a bit. 

"We will attack in one fortnight. We are going to bring the Dark pack to there knees starting with there corrupt king." 

At that cheers rang out through the theater. People stood others howled. Looking around I felt a pit growing in my stomach. Real fear ran through me for Azreal. I tried to push it away but it was becoming a nagging feeling. I stood slipped through the crowd suddenly feeling trapped. 

I started breathing heavier and I started to shove people. Some glared at me as I made my way through others shoved me back. I knew Ian was still speaking but there now was a ringing in my ears I couldn't hear anything else. 

Finally I broke through the crowd and I started running. I ran farther up the trail into the woods. I stopped and leaned up against a tree catching my breath. I closed my eyes taking in a deep breath. I could hear the roar of people in the amphitheater but there was no one else around. I sank down to the floor. Leaning my head back against the tree I thought about Ian's speech. That wasn't the Ian I've known talking. I don't know who that was but he's definitively not my old friend. 

A branch snapped near my right and I looked up. And there stood none other then the King himself. Azreal is here.


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