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Morning twilight begins before the sun rise

As the beautifully lit sky above slowly gets bright.

Across the land, some people are still asleep.

But for some, they're waiting for God's grace for them to keep.

In an infirmary, the mother lays in a bed.

With her hopes up, she prayed for God's help.

The father sits next to her lovely wife,

Holds her hand and closed his eyes.

Waiting cut short, as she now gives birth to a lovely girl.

The father softly spoke, "another life came to this world."

The baby girl is now rested on her mother's loving hands,

As her father gently touched the fragile baby hands.

Happy as they can be, thanked God for His blessing.

Their first born now gets to have another sibling.

Before the sun lights the sky, a baby girl was born.

Named her after The Birth of Dawn.

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