Chapter 9- just be kind

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I woke up In my bed with my head pounding. I heard voices outside my room saying
"What did you do to her?"
"No I don't give a damn tell me what you did to her" I could tell by the accent it was Klaus. I then heard Stephen replying back with
"Nothing she just freaked out! I swear I didn't touch her Klaus." Fucking liar. He came onto me and ugh, disgusting.
"Fine I'm just gonna find out for myself then" Klaus said.

The door opened and I pretended to be asleep. Stephen whispered quickly, almost seeming nervous
"She's asleep, just come back another time" my heart started beating faster as I felt Klaus get closer to me.
"No" he said
"She's not asleep. Get out." I heard footsteps then the door close.
"Love, I know you are awake. Open those pretty blue eyes." I opened my eyes not wanting to make him mad.

"There we go. Want to tell me what happened yesterday in the snow with Stephen?" I shook my head no.
"You've got to tell me Emma." His voice got stern and deep fast. He used my name. My actual name and it scared me. But my smart ass mouth still had to say
"I don't have to tell you anything" I saw the anger in his eyes as his bright blue eyes became dark.

"Tell me now" shit why did I have to go and make him mad. What the hell I just need to be nice to him. That's it just be nice to him.

"I'm sorry. It's just hard to talk about." I try and say as kindly as possible sitting up leaning towards him. He nodded his head and said
"Well you're going to have to talk about it princess" I looked down thanking god he bought it saying
"Well first we were just having fun with a snow ball fight. But he won because of the whole vampire thing and he was super fast. Sorry, that's besides the point" I was rambling while he was smirking at me

"Then I said that I surrendered and he keep on asking me what his 'prize' was but I didn't want him to get close to me at all." His smirk dropped immediately.
"Please continue princess." He said with anger clearly laced in his voice.

"Then he tried to kiss me but I pushed him away, but he was mad about it. I backed away but tripped and fell into the snow. Then he climbed on top of me." His breath hitched
"Then I don't know my brother just kept popping in my mind and I freaked out, then I guess I blacked out I think."

He nodded his head.
"You're not his to even consider touching." What does he mean. I'm not Stephens. I don't belong to anyone. I looked up to him still trying to be nice,
"What do you mean I am not his?" He smiled

"Well love you don't belong to him" I nodded my head agreeing with him
"You belong to me" I stopped and looked him in the eyes. Just be kind Emma. Be kind.
"No I don't" shit Emma. That wasn't nice. He stood up from the side of the bed looking down at me
"Emma, yes you do. I took you. You are mine. I haven't done anything to you so calm down."

Just think happy thoughts Emma. Don't say anything back to him that will make him mad.

"You haven't done anything to me?" I stand up on top of the bed so I could be his height.
"You kidnapped me. Isn't that enough." He smiled at me standing on the bed still being shorter than him.
"What did I kidnap you from princess. Apparently your family wasn't that good." My heart stopped.
How did he find out about that.

"Matt told me all about to family situation so I think I saved you." He grabbed my waist and lifted me off the bed onto the floor,
"Saved me? You think you saved me" I could tell he was getting angry but I didn't care.

"My family life doesn't concern you! And I would much rather be with my brother than you." I said getting closer to him. He threw me on the bed and pressed my hands to my sides straddling me. Shit Emma. You were supposed to be nice to him, not start a fight. How did this go so wrong. I looked up at him while he was already looking at me

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