"No I don't" Hiro said again, "you're not my dad!"

"I know- I know I'm not your dad Hiro. But I would like to know what's going on with you" Tadashi pleaded.

"I can't read..." Hiro mumbled.

"What do you mean you can't read? I've watched you read Hiro? Maybe you were just nervous"

"Sorry I ruined your event, you don't have to worry about me anymore" Hiro apologised, before taking off in the middle of the street again.

"Hiro stop! Please" Tadashi begged, chasing after him again. Ms Lemon soon followed behind, "What's happened is he alright?" She asked worryingly.

They caught up to him again after a few minutes, "Hiro please, I want to help you. You don't have to run away" Tadashi begged.

"Don't look now but here comes the press.. along with Krei" Honey exclaimed.

"Hiro come on we have to get out of here now, you have to trust me. I only want to help" Tadashi told him.

Krei was following behind the group of reporters and made his way to the front, "Is the kid alright" he asked. Clearly not interested at all in his well being.

"Get back, he's a just a kid. Krei help me." Tadashi said, as he fought off the reporters. They continued to hold microphones and cameras all around him and Hiro asking many questions at once.

Hiro panicked as it became overwhelming and ran to Ms Lemons side who quickly grabbed him and rushed over to the car. Tadashi followed close behind, and got into the car before speeding away from the reporters.

"I'm sorry Hiro, I truly am I didn't want this to happen tonight. " Tadashi apologised.

They had left Krei behind to deal with all the reporters, "No comment for the rest of this evening thank you" He told them before he got into his own car and drove away.

"Missing parents hm? That could be a real boost in the polls if I manage to find them -- or someone who is like them" He smirked speaking to himself, He was only thinking about the money as usual. Krei knew where he had to go to get answers so decided to make his way there.

- -

"Hiro? Where you going?" Tadashi questioned.

"Thanks for everything, Sorry I messed up last night. Hope you can still be mayor." Hiro said.

"What are you talking about? Get back here."

"It's okay. I'm good at this part. I've had a lot of practice, getting kicked out of places." Hiro replied.

"Oh, Hiro. Listen, put your bag down. You're not going anywhere." Tadashi rolled his eyes.

"Baymax has gotta go." Hiro explained.

"Stop it. You and Baymax are staying here, and I don't care what happened last night." Tadashi demanded.

"No I mean Baymax has gotta go..."

"No he doesn't- I-ohh.. Baymax has gotta go? Well then we should go too because now I've got to go! Let's take a walk" Tadashi realised what Hiro meant, as he gradually caught on.

- -

"Hello there. Uh, Robert Callaghan?" Krei questioned as the door opened, "Can we have a talk and I'll buy you.. another drink?"

"So, anyway if Tadashi Hamada wins, I get paid a fortune. More than anything I've ever been paid combined." Krei explained his plan to Callaghan.

"Why so much?" Callaghan asked.

"It's like getting paid long odds on a dark horse. Do you know how hard it is
to get this guy elected?" Krei moaned.

"They've been worst politicians then him surely" Callaghan responded.

"Yeah there has been worse and I got them elected!" Krei bragged, "but I'm tired of being the cockroach everybody needs, but treats like a-a well a..."

"Cockroach?" Callaghan said.

"Exactly, This is my last roll at the table. Get paid and get out I just need the money" Krei persisted.

"There's no such thing as a way out. Trust me." Callaghan rolled his eyes.

"There's always a way out. Trust me. And that brings me to why I came to talk to you Robert" Krei eyed him, "in this particular case, it's
all about finding Hiro's parents."

"I'm listening.." Callaghan urged.

"If Hamada reunites Hiro with his parents, it will cause a surge in the polls for sure." Krei explained.

"Keep dreaming pal. They don't exist"
Callaghan scoffed, as he leaned back in his chair.

"We'll make them exist. Find a couple people
to pretend to be his parents. They learn every detail and miraculously show up right before the election." Krei smirked, devilishly.

Callaghan leaned back into the conversation, "What's in it for me?"

"Same as for me. Ka-ching. And no more being a cockroach. A way out" Krei proposed.

"I knew I liked you" Callaghan told him, lifting his glass towards Krei's.

"To Easy Street?" Krei said, clinking their glasses together before quickly drinking the remnants of the glass and smiling at their new plan.

- -

A plan has began to form. Hope you enjoyed this chapter, and I hope you like the double update! It's an apology for not posting any in a while.

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