Chapter 21

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I hate Tyler Martin. 

Seriously! He thinks it's okay to wake me up by throwing cold water on me! What the hell!

"Come on Ains, it wasn't that bad!", Tyler whined

"I'm freezing! And soaked!" 

He smirked at me, "And you're wearing a white shirt.. And no bra. So this worked out well for me."

I grunted and ran into the bathroom with my leggings, hoodie, and underwear. Quickly changing, I also fixed my hair in the process, putting it into a messy bun. 

When I walked out Tyler was sitting on my bed, in different clothes. All ready for school. 

I ran down stairs, not wanting to talk to him and grabbed a granola bar. I went out into my truck and started it.  Tyler came out and walked over to my window, "What the hell are you doing?"

I shrugged, "Going to school."


I nodded my head, "I guess, unless you wanna jump in?"

He scoffed, "Hell no, I've got my own car. I don't need my girlfriend driving me."

I chuckled, "Okay, 1. That was rude. 2. Suit yourself."

I then backed out and left, driving to school in peace. 

When I parked, my door was opened for me. I looked to see who it was and it was Kyle. 

Kyle smiled, "Good morning, why'd you drive alone?"

I scoffed, "Tyler didn't wanna get a ride from his girlfriend."

He nodded his head in understanding, "I wouldn't like it."

"And why is that?"

He shrugged, "Cause, it's embarrassing."


Kyle slung his arm around my shoulders and we made our way into school. Kyle walked me to my locker, when he saw Mindi i could hear him try to hold his the puke threatening to come out. 

I checked to see who the guy was and saw that it was Trent, so I opened my locker and added his name to the list.

'What's that?"

I smiled at Kyle, "The list of each dude Mindi makes out with each morning."

His face scrunched up in disgust, "She's had one for each day so far?"

I nodded my head, "Some guys are probably gonna be used more than once."

I grabbed my books and was about to leave for math when Tyler grabbed my waist, Deja Vu?

"Why were you with Kyle."

I shrugged, "Cause, he's a friend and you didn't want to ride with me."

He frowned, "You gave him a ride?"

"No, he was already here when I pulled in."

He smirked, "Okay.. Then whydon't me and you skip again today?"

I shook my head, "No way. I'm not skipping again."

He groaned, "Pleaseee Ains."

I shook my head and walked to me class. When I walked in I spotted Emma sitting at the back. As I was walking back I noticed a foot wearing a 9" heel with perfectly done toenails in my way. 

I casually stepped on it, not losing my balance and earning a squeal from Mindi, "You Bitch!"

I smiled innocently at her, "Shouldn't have your foot there. Oops."

After sitting down at my seat I looked over at Emma who was dying of laughter. Her face was beat red and she could barely breath, "Emma! What the hell! Don't die on me!"

"Emma, Ainsley, What the hell!?"

I looked up and saw Jaclyn looking at us as if we were insane, "Oh, Hey Jackie"

She glared at me, "Don't 'hey Jackie' me.  What's been going on here!"

Jackie sat down in between me and Emma. We told her all about Vivian and what she did. Then I told her about how me and Tyler are now together. 

Jackie's eyes went wide, then they were filled with anger, "Vivian's a bitch.."

Emma scoffed, "We know."

Jackie looked at me and wiggled her eyebrows, "But you and Tyler eh"

I chuckled, "Yup" 

Jackie was about to say something but the teacher had just walked in. 


The rest of the hours went by normally, I was currently walking into the cafeteria with Emma and Jackie. 

I grabbed my food and was looking for a table for the three of us. My eyes were scanning over the tables when I was Tyler sitting at his usual table, but with a girl sitting on his lap. What.The. Hell. 

I set my tray down but kept carrying my milk. I walked over and the girl was trying to kiss Tyler but he had his hands on her hips trying to push her off. From afar it looked like they were making out. 

I walked over and poured the milk down the girls head. She squealed and I finally recognized that it was Vivian. 

"What the hell!"

I smirked, "Oops, sorry."

She growled at me, What the hell. Is she trying to be a dog or something?, "Just get away. It's obvious I'm meant to be here with him, and not you. So, go find your two little pathetic friends and talk about how much you wish you were me."

I busted out into laughter, "See I would, but your statement was wrong in so many ways. I'm meant to be on his lap right now, those girls aren't pathetic. You used to love them as your own sister, but you're bitch flipped must have been turned on. Finally I don't wish I was you. I don't wish I was a bitch, slut, whore, skank. All those things you are. Now get the hell off his lap and suck a random guys dick else where."

I grabbed her hair and pulled her hair, making her whole body fall onto the floor. 

Sitting down on Tyler's lap I glared at Vivian, "Oh, and you left your Granny Panties at my house the last time you were there. Seriously where did you get them? Your grandma's closet?"

Everyone around us was laughing their asses off. It felt nice to stand up to her like this. I should do it more often..

Vivian got up and tried to straighten herself up as best as she could which din;t work out so well, before walking out of the cafeteria in a fit of tears. 

I turned around and looked at Tyler who was smirking at me, "You looked so hot doing that."

I scoffed, "My nostrils were probably flared and that isn't attractive. So I have no idea what you're talking about."

He chuckled and we ate our lunch. 

Tyler whispered in my ear, "I'm taking you to dinner tonight." 

I smirked, "Sounds good."


When I got home after school Tyler said he had to set up for our dinenr tonight so I had the whole house to my self. 

I texted Emma and Jackie to get over here now to help. 

Minutes later I heard the doorbell.

I opened it and saw Emma, "Your fairy Godmothers are here" She grinned.






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