Beacon Academy

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3rd pov
It was a silent night,nothing made a sound,not even a mouse until Roman and his henchmen were entering a dust shop.

Roman:do you know how hard it is to find a shop opened this late?

One of the henchmen aims their gun at the shop keeper.

Shop keeper:please,take my lien and leave

Roman:shh,calm down,we aren't here for your money. Grab the dust

The henchmen grab containers and start filling them with dust.

Henchman:crystals,burn uncut

The shop keeper started to fill the box with the dust until Eleanor entered in.
Eleanor giggled as she ran around.

Henchman:boss,did see how that little girl looked?

Roman:yeah and she would be worth a lot of money if we sell her to the right person,grab her

One of the henchmen grabbed Eleanor and she screamed.

Henchmen:shut up brat!

Suddenly he was shot in the head and fell down dead.

Eleanor:you need a timeout!

They looked to see who killed him and it was y/n was his rivet gun out before he put it away and went to Eleanor.

Eleanor:Mr bubbles!

She kept looking around as y/n followed her and ignoring the other henchmen.

Roman:alright,it doesn't care about us,it only cares about the little girl so if can take out the big guy then we can get the girl

Eleanor went to a figure with a red hood listening to loud music and pulled the figure's cape to get their attention and it did and the figure turned around to reveal a girl with sliver eyes.
Eleanor waved as the figure removed her headphone and paused the music.

Eleanor:hello,I'm Eleanor and this is Mr bubbles!

Ruby:hi I'm ruby rose

Eleanor:ruby rose? That sounds familiar. Is your sister name yang?

Ruby:yeah but how did you know?

Eleanor:don't you remember? When me,you and yang had to wake up Mr bubbles before we left?

Ruby gasped and picked her up.

Ruby:oh my omm! It's you and your still so cute!

Eleanor giggled.
One of the henchmen tried to sneak up on y/n until ruby saw him.


The henchmen quickly draw his sword.

Henchmen:Put your hands in the air where I can see them!

Ruby:Are you robbing us?



That henchmen was sent back at the wall when another one tried to shoot her but she tackled him out of the window.
Roman and the rest of two goons went out.

Roman:well,go get her

They charged at her.

Eleanor:help her Mr bubbles!

Y/n busted through wall and one of the goons look back at him and tried to take on while the other goon tried to take on ruby.
Y/n drilled a hole through the goons chest as ruby knocked out the other one.

Roman:well,it was nice to meet you but I got to run

He fired two fire crystals,one at ruby and one at y/n.
Ruby dodged it while y/n used telekinesis to throw the crystals away in a random direction.
He looked back only to see Roman not there.
He looked tobsee Roman climbing a leader to a building with ruby chasing him.
Y/n climbed the ladder as the ladder was coming loose.
As soon he got on the building,the ladder was fully loose and it fell down.

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