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"Honey, can you help me with this please?"

Blair stood on a small stepladder in her townhouse, trying to hang up an old photo of herself, Macy, and Jack from their college graduation. Her fiancé walked in, an apron tied around his waist.

"Wow, this photo's ancient! Look at Jackie boy, is he wearing sneakers with his gown?"

"Yes, yes he is. This was before Macy made him start dressing like a grown up."

Blair smiled, remembering how far all three of them had come. Macy and Jack had gotten married a year after graduation and now they had a set of beautiful twin girls, Emily and Annie. Blair of course, had been given the ever so special task of being the godmother...to both of them.

"Right, let me help you with that, babe" Leo grabbed the picture from Blair, quickly hammering a nail into the wall and placing the picture on it.

He was a successful contractor and oddly enough Blair had first met him back when she was doing her internship in England. At the time he was working as an apprentice and had somehow convinced Blair that bright green was a good color for a bathroom. Despite the room that resembled Nickelodeon slime, the two had hit it off and had been together ever since.

Even when Blair had grown tired of the dreary London weather and decided to move to sunny Los Angeles, Leo had packed up his things and joined her, no questions asked. The two loved each other and though they sometimes had small arguments about silly things...like wall colors, they always made up.

"How's my little soldier doing?" Leo asked, placing a hand on Blair's big belly. She was eight months pregnant and felt like a beach ball was permanently under her shirt. She was having a little boy and with the help of Leo and Jack, little Oliver's room was all ready for his arrival.

"Why are you so convinced he's going to be a soldier?? Maybe he'll be a writer...or a drag queen...or a businessman!"

"I know, I know and if he chooses any of those things I'll be happy but wouldn't it be quite cool having a little soldier in the family?? Wearing a little uniform and hat!"

Blair stood on her tip toes, planting a kiss on Leo's smooth cheek,"whatever you say, honey."

Blair pulled her phone out of her back pocket,"damn, I'm going to be late to work!"

After years of internships and coffee runs, Blair had fought her way up to the top of the business world...sort of. She was in charge of overseeing all of the eyeshadow and blush productions in the Los Angeles factory.

It was actually a weird job for Blair and upon taking the position, she'd had her fair share of doubts. For one, the job essentially required Blair to micro manage over 100 employees. Luckily, Blair had come along way from college and was now an assertive woman who was not afraid to stand her ground. After a few months, she'd gotten the hang of being a manager. She had a good relationship with her employees; they could act like friends but when it came down to it, they knew Blair was ultimately in charge.

"Can't you stay..." Leo wrapped his hands around Blair, which was pretty difficult considering how pregnant she was,"we could...have some fun here, at home."

Blair looked up at the man she loved dearly,"or...you could fix the shower that's been draining super slow."

Leo rolled his eyes,"okay, fine but when you get home...you're all mine." He shot Blair a seductive look, licking his bottom lip. Blair's hormones were so out of whack thanks to little Oliver, she had no problem with Leo constantly trying to get her into bed.


Blair arrived back home five hours later. Since she was in charge, she had the freedom to come into work when she pleased, something that was taking some getting used to. She walked into the townhouse, hanging her shiny, new car keys on the little hook by the front door. Blair's fiancé had recently bought Blair a brand new Mercedes. He'd said it was full of safety features and was roomie for the baby but Blair knew that he was proud of his work accomplishments, and simply wanted to share his accomplishments with Blair.

Leo's contracting business had recently taken off and he was soon becoming the "number one contractor for the stars". Or at least, that's what his ad in the paper said. As it turns out, there are a ton of older divorced woman in Los Angeles who love the idea of a buff guy with a British accent working on their homes.

"Leo, I'm home! Oh my god...what smells so good??"

Blair waddled her way to the kitchen where she found Leo cooking, wearing nothing but an apron. Blair laughed upon the sight, instantly using her hands to cover her red face. After years of being with Leo and memorizing every...inch of him, she still blushed whenever he did something extravagant and flirty.

"I made your favorite..."

"Apple pie and chicken pot pie??" Blair's cravings were also in full swing, with any food ending in the word pie causing her mouth to instantly water.

Blair ran to Leo jumping up to kiss him. She kissed all along his neck, delighted when he moaned as she placed her lips on the spot only she knew about.

"B-b-Blair the food...it's going to get cold."

"Shut up, we can eat later."

The two eventually made their way to the master bedroom, their clothes thrown all around the room...

"Wow." Leo said, his hair a disheveled mess.

"Yeah,that was amazing...now, let's eat!"

The two were sitting in the dining room, eating the weird combination of food. Blair figured Leo was probably getting tired of eating pie-like foods but because he was so excited about being a father, he hadn't had a single complaint.

"Oh, Jack called, him and Macy are going to be in town next weekend, and Jack's mom is watching the kids."

"That's great! Let's go eat at that Greek place!"

"Sounds good," Leo said, smiling and grabbing Blair's hand,"I love you so much, Blair."

"You know my emotions are crazy right now, don't make me cry while I eat my pie."

"Sorry...I'm just so glad that we met, that's all. I never believed in soul mates until I met you."

Blair looked at Leo, taking in his face. From his oval shaped green eyes to his curled eyelashes that put most women's to shame, he was extremely handsome.

"I love you, Leo."

"I love you too, Blair," he placed a hand on Blair's stomach, the two watching the slight movements that indicated that their was in fact a baby living in her.


so yes, Blair grew into an amazing woman and married a hunky Brit! It's all kind of cliche and Lifetime movie-ish but I hope you all enjoyed not only this epilogue, but the entire story. Teacher's Pet is my first wattpad story that really interested people and I'm so glad!


----I still want to do maybe an interview with the characters, if you guys are interested so comment questions for Blair, Jack, Macy, Leo, or even Logan lol-----

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