Chapter Forty Two

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Emone called a meeting with Darnell and Jordan so that I would finally be able to put the news of my pregnancy out there on the table. My stomach turned just thinking about what Darnell's reaction could be. We'd been working so hard all year to make our dreams finally come true and now it feels like I'm single-handedly closing every door that we worked as a group to open. You couldn't tell me it wasn't over.

We all sat at the dining table in Emone's grandmothers house and Darnell leaned forward with his hands folded. "So what did y'all want to talk about?" I tapped my foot against the floor trying to figure out how I could lay down the hammer. "I know we all worked really hard this year and... I don't want that hard work to go to waste because of decisions that I made alone. So I'm offering to walk away from the girls while the deal with Atlantic still stands."

"What? Jelissa we didn't discuss this." Emone turned towards me, "Where the hell is all this coming from? Why would you walk away we're almost there Jelissa." Darnell said with a little trace of anger in his voice. I sighed, "I'm pregnant..."

"Are you serious right now?" He ran his hands over his face and I nodded as I finally stopped tapping my foot. "How far along are you?" "About five weeks." He shook his head with his hands clasped together looking like he was trying to think, "Do you plan to keep it?"

My eyebrows snapped together, "Yes I do." We all were silent for a good minute, "Emone and Jordan have worked way to hard to give up now because of me." Emone kissed her teeth, "But I'm not doing this without you Jelissa. We started together and we're going to finish together." Jordan cut in, "Neither am I. We haven't known each other that long but you're a good person and I like your vibe."

"Are you going to drop us?" Emone asked and we all looked to Darnell who sat back in his seat. "Of course not." I bit down on my bottom lip, "Will the label still want to work with us?" He shrugged his shoulders.

"I can't answer that question for you. But I won't lie if I were you girls I wouldn't get my hopes up about signing any contracts." Darnell stood up out of his seat, "Jelissa come outside and let me talk to you for a minute." He walked towards the front door and I took a deep breath as I watched him walk out of it. "What do you think he's gonna say?" I asked and Emone shrugged, "I don't know but we'll be waiting."

Standing, I followed Darnell outside to see him sitting on the steps and I sat beside him as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders loosely pulling me in for a hug, "You know you're like family to us so congrats lil cuz." "Thanks..." He let me go and I propped my head up on my hand looking at him. "If we don't get this deal we're gonna just take a break for a while until after you have the baby. But first we're going to have to be truthful with the executives at the label."

"It's gonna be my fault if we lose the deal... Don't try to say it isn't." He sighed, "I won't." I rolled my eyes and he chuckled, "If we do we just gotta come up with another game plan that's all J. Where's August?"

"He went to New Orleans, he said he'll be back after spring break." "He better bring his ass back here. But look we'll all talk more when break is over and he comes home. We'll meet up in the studio aight?" He stood up and I stood with him. "Alright thanks D." He pulled me into a hug again before walking away and getting in his car as I returned inside.

"What did y'all talk about?" Jordan asked as I locked the door and I sat between her and Emone, "He just said he wants to talk more when August gets back." Emone nodded, "But did he seem upset?" I shook my head, "Not really."

We sat there in silence all on our phones until I decided to go home and I dropped Jordan off along the way. I felt like I was all over the place at the moment and was in desperate need of a nap.

Was Jelissa's decision to walk away without consulting the girls first selfish?

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