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i woke up when my phone started buzzing. it was a instagram notifaction.

@seaveydaniel tagged you in a photo

i opened up my phone and saw daniel posted a picture.

@seaveydaniel - she is such a beauty❤😍 tagged @graciouspaul

@seaveydaniel - she is such a beauty❤😍 tagged @graciouspaul

i liked the picture and commented "❤❤"

i looked up and saw daniel smiling at me.

"goodmorning love" he says
"goodmorning seavey" i say smiling back

i sat up and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"ready for today?" he asked
"for what?" i asked
"our date" he responds

i smiled at him and remembered we had our date today. i look around and saw all the boys were still asleep. i decided to make them breakfast. i went into the kitchen. i pulled out some eggs and bread. i made them toast and eggs. i pulled out 6 plates. i placed food on all of them. i grabbed 6 glasses and poured orange juice in them. i went back into the living room and everyone was asleep. daniel fell back asleep too.

"hey guys i made breakfast" i say

no one wakes up. i bent down to corbyn and shaked him until he woke up. i did this to all the boys and told them breakfast was ready. when i got to daniel he looked so cute asleep. i gave him a kiss on his forehead then his nose then his lips. he slowly opened his eyes. i smiled at him and laid my head on his chest. he started playing with my hair.

"im really glad i met" i say
"i know. im very glad i met you as well abby" he says

i heard my name being called from the kitchen so i got up and daniel did as well.

"bro abby you can cook" jack says
"thanks jack." i laughed
"she is a keeper" zach says winking

daniel and i laughed and looked at each other. i then got a text from a unknown number.

u- hey is abby?
a: who is this?
u: oh i am christina. corbyns girlfriend
a: oh ok!
u: im just texting because i think we can became good friends
a: ya. i have to go but text you later!!

i put my phone down and ate my breakfast. the seat order was corbyn, jack, zach, jonah, daniel then me.

"so where is our date?" i asked
"secret" he says

i rolled my eyes and laughed. i grabbed everyones dishes and started washing them. jack came next to me.

"let me do them. go get ready for daniel" jack winks

i laughed and gave jack a hug. i had to call logan.
phone call to logan
l: hello
a: hey logan
l: oh hi
a: im really sorry about yesterday
l: its ok i am sorry
a: i need to come over, i have a date
l: ou with who?
a: daniel...

we finished our conversation and logan was picking me up soon. the boys started singing and i sang along with them.

"you gotta move it slowlyy" daniel sang

we sung sunday candy amd despacito together. the boys and i. thats when the door bell rang. i quickly got up and ran to the door and opened and saw logan. i jumped into his arms. he picked me up and spun me around.

"i missed my little sister" logan says
"i missed my brother" i say back

he put me down and i said my goodbye to them and we headed to logans purple car.

"where are we going?" i asked
"surprise" he said

we drove about 10 minutes when we arrived at this gown store. it was such a nice store. everything was nicely placed out.

"oh my gosh logan. its just a date" i say
"ya with the one and only daniel seavey. you need to look good" he says

i laughed and gave him a hug and i picked out my outfit. logan payed for me and we headed home. once we got there i ran upstairs. i took a quick shower, i put on a black dress with a denim jacket and some vans. i curled my hair and put on light makeup. i did a little twirl in the mirror and headed out. i sat down on the couch. i heard a light knock on the door. logan went and opened it for me. i look up and saw daniel standing there. he was dressed up in a black and white suit.

"abby, you look so good" daniel says
"so do you" i say

i stood up and walked to daniel, i gave him a hug. he pulled out a rose and gave it to me.

"aw daniel" i say

he smiled at me and looked at logan. logan smiled at him. then it was just awkward silence.

"shall we go?" daniel asked

i nodded and we headed out to the uber. daniel opened the door for me and i thanked him. he got in next to me. i laid my head onto daniel shoulder.

"im so happy with you" i said to daniel

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