Izeiah's Pov

Ate Hina hadn't called for the past few days to tell me what the hell is going on.

Robinson Clan just accepted a marriage from the Gryst Clan. Qen Gryst is now engage to someone from the Clan. It is rumored to be one of their elite assassins.

News are circulating around the Swift and Ling companies that marriage might happen between the two.

Oh shit. I got to make sure I'm not Qen's fiance, I can't have two. I'm not going to be a two timer for god's sake! But it can't also be Raven nor Robin. They are absolutely off limits. They can't be tied down yet. I mean--- not the freaking right time. Some other decade.

Anyways, I have a lot of free time. I just passed and got a 100% so I definitely won't be in the list.

"Izeiah?" I heard Ivan called out. Okay. I'm currently hiding from him after I saw what he was cooking. It was ridiculous and hideous. I won't eat vegetables for breakfast. Those disgusting green and grassy things. I shivered.

"Got you." I felt someone hold my foot and pulled me out under the bed.

"Ivan~~~~ i don't want to eat my veggies." I said then pout and did my puppy eyes. Umiling siya.

"If you want your wound to be healed, eat." He carried me down the stairs like a sack of rice. I want to cry. Wait I should cry. But I can't force my tears to come out.

Sinubukan niya akong pakainin ng tomato pero umiling nalang ako at lumayo sakanya. Then suddenly---



I stopped resisting so I can look at the message.


You're engaged to Qen Gryst.


Once again, nabasag nanaman ang phone ko. Good thing I have three and I just broke my second one. Natigilan ako at mukhang hindi ko na pala namalayan natigal na pala ang paghinga ko. I actually have two fiances. What the actual fuck?






In less than a minute, a bunch of people are asking me for an interview. I wasn't told about this. Mukhang alam na din ni Ivan dahil nakakunot ang noo niyang tinitingnan ang phone niya.

I'm engage to Qen Gryst. What shit is this? Galit akong napatayo at lumabas para tawagan ang mga nakakataas.





What the fuck are you
trying to do with my fucking
life? Do you seriously think
you can control my life to that

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