•An Elegant Surprise•

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Dylan Minnette as Adam Sanders, and in the Media is The Weeknd-Can't Feel My Face

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Dylan Minnette as Adam Sanders, and in the Media is The Weeknd-Can't Feel My Face

💎Jade's POV💎

When people say shifting doesn't hurt like a bitch, I'm here to tell you they are wrong. When I first shifted at fourteen, I felt like every bone in my body was breaking and being put back together.

I'm a typical teenage Werewolf enjoying my life without a mate because I think that when you have a mate, they are the other half of you, and you have to sacrifice everything for them.

I'm the soon-to-be Alpha of Yellowstone Pack, and it's a lot going on. I have responsibilities that I have to tend to also. And I think having a mate won't help.

It's just a lot of distractions and swooning, like a love sick puppy.

Ever since my younger sister, (who is fifteen), found her mate last year, her grades went down.

Not bad like an A's to an F's, but an A to C's-, and God knows what they be doing in her room for hours. I know they are not just 'studying.'

Anyhow, I started walking up the stairs about to ask my younger sister if she's seen my make up, since it was missing.

As I was walking to my sister's room, all I heard was moans. And me, being the nosy teen I am, decided to go in knowing my sister is a good girl.

"Dee," I said pushing the door open, "Where's my make-what the Hell?!"

I yelled as I saw Adam on top of her, his ass cheeks exposed.

I back stepped out of there, bwfore you could say my first, last, or middle name.

But I really wanted to do was castrate Adam and throw him out the window.

I slammed the door then went down stairs to watch TV and get that sexual and disgusting image out of my mind.

Yes I'm seventeen and still a virgin.

Twenty minutes later, Adam came down stairs and tried to strike up a conversation.

Keyword: tried.

"Um, Diamond and I are really sorry for what you saw. We should have locked the door, but we didn't have sex if it makes you feel better-"

"Cut the bullshit," I half yell, "You are to young to be having sex. If you want to keep your testicles, I advise you to take that somewhere else. I understand you guys are mates, but there's certain things that you can and can't do in my parents' house."

I was about to go make me a PB&J, but my body made me stop and turn around.

"Is Diamond a virgin?"

His mouth was hang in open a little bit, and I knew he was hesitating. He said the answer, but it was quiet.

"No," he said,- no whispered like a little pussy.

I only heard him because of my Werewolf hearing.

"Who swiped her V-card?" I said angrily, also a bit ashamed that my little sister had sex before me, but I'm glad because her first time was with her mate.

"Adam, the one and only," he said, and

I could hear the grin in his voice.

This cocky bitch.
Hello to everyone who made it this far. I accidentally deleted the first chapter of this book, but I posted it back on Wattpad. I have three important things to say:

1.) Please refrain from cringing too much because I wrote this book when I was twelve or thirteen, and if you see any errors don't forget to point them out.

2.) Please give me constructive criticism, so I can improve my book. It took a lot of courage to publish this book, so if you don't have anything nice to say, please don't hate on my book.

3.) Follow my little sis _B4N3_

And follow my friend SebJenkins and read his book about surviving the zombie apocalypse, if you're into that.

Finally, thanks for reading, and I can't wait to see you in the next chapter.





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