She side glances at Indra, making Lexa grunt, "fuck no."

If she walks off this plane with Costia by her side, Clarke will hate Lexa even more.

"Lexa it's for movie promotion. You two have done this for the past 2 movies. Just do this please," Indra sighs, making Lexa groan, "fine. If I so much as feel your hand touch mine, I will cut your boobs off."

Costia chuckles, "you're hot when you're threatening me."

"Shut up Costia."

They walk off the plane, hearing the screams of fans and paparazzi. Lexa pulls her hood over her head and sighs, walking away from the cameras.

She then spots a kid in a wheelchair holding up a sign that says I Love Lexa Woods with a heart. Lexa smiles and walks over to her, "hi sweetheart."

The girl seems shocked that Lexa actually noticed her. She smiles, "hi."

"How are you? It's crowded over here."

She shrugs, "worth it. I got to actually meet you!" Her eyes are watering up, making Lexa's heart flutter up.

"Here. What's your name?"

"Angela," the girl blushes deeply.

 She signs the girl's poster and asks if she'd like a picture. The girl excitedly nods and pulls her phone out as Lexa removes her sunglasses.

Lexa chuckles, "that's a video. Oh whatever. Angela is mine so boys, girls or anyone else back off."

Lexa presses a sweet kiss against the girl's cheek and smiles, hugging her.

Angela lowers her phone, "thank you. Y-you're my idol. I love how confident and strong you are."

"Thank you sweetie. But I think you're my idol. Your strength is radiating off of you."

"I love you," she smiles and Lexa kisses her forehead, "I love you more. Stay strong."

She walks away and greets some more fans, some pictures, some autographs, videos.

"Lexa," Costia tugs her arm and Lexa sighs, "sorry guys. Duty calls! Love you!" She waves and walks away with Costia, glaring at the girl.

"What did I say about touching me?" Lexa says through a fake smile as she waves.

Costia giggles, "you said no touching your hand. That was your arm."

Lexa rolls her eyes and gets in the car after Costia, slamming the door shut behind her.

"Well that was sweet of you," Indra says and Lexa scoffs, "my fans are the only things that keep me grounded. Without them I'd be going even more insane right now. Let's just get to the hotel please."

2 Weeks Later

Clarke runs into class late, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry. I missed the bus so I had to run to school." She begins to ramble out excuses until the teacher just tells her to sit down.

Clarke gets through class without jotting one note down. 

It seems as if she just can't focus.

Ever since that night at Miley's party she can't focus on anything but the green eyed actress. She knows she treated her poorly that night. 

Lexa deserved better.

Possibly even better than Clarke herself.

During lunch everyone starts talking and Clarke can't help but get jealous of how the other couples were in the cafeteria. Laughing, kissing, talking.

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