Chapter Six: Love, Lucy Heartfilia Pt. 2

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Mira's POV
I was at the counter serving the guild members with a forced smile when I heard a sickening voice purr, "Hey Natsu, you wanna go on a job together, just the two of us, to celebrate that blonde bimbo leaving?"

I snorted in disgust as I recognized that voice. Lisanna. I wanted to punch her, to kick her, to slap her, and to make her feel what Lucy had felt for months. But I managed to restrain myself.

"Sorry guys, but I'm gonna take a break," I told Laxus and the Thunder Tribe. "Kinana will take over for me."

I'd excused myself so I wouldn't have to listen to that disgusting conversation. Natsu didn't deserve Lucy after what he had done to her. And my sister was dead to me. As I walked out of the guild hall, I noticed an envolope at the door of the guild.

I picked it up and I saw~For Mira. Curiously, I opened it up and found a letter.

Dear Mira,
Once upon a time, I thought words could convey all you needed to say. But I was wrong. I can't even begin to tell you how sad I am to leave you and all of my real friends at Fairy Tail. Sure, my last few months have been the worst so far, but don't worry. I'm not blaming you, nor Natsu. You were there for me through all of the torture, and you stayed by my side although the enemy was your sister. Thank you, for everything.

Lucy Heartfilia

P.S. I am still having revenge on Team Natsu tho, I promise you that!

I laughed at the end of the letter. Revenge was something Lucy would totally do! Reading her letter cheered me up instantly. Thank you Lucy, for being the light of our guild.

Wendy's POV
I was at the corner of the guild with Romeo-kun and the exceeds, sulking. The guild was dull without Lucy, and it seems to have lost all its color. Meanwhile, Romeo-kun was trying to comfort me, and so were the exceeds.

"Com' on Wendy!" Happy tried. "We should go on a job, maybe that'll help."

"For once, I agree with the male cat," Carla agreed. "Going out will help ease your nerves."

Lily nodded, but he was looking at his kiwis. "Eating kiwis will help as well!"

We all sweatdrop at him, but he didn't notice because he was still staring at the kiwis in his paws. Romeo-kun just stood there looking uncomfortable as if he didn't know how to help me.

"It's okay guys, I'll just step out for fresh air." I mustered a small smile, and they nodded.

When I went out, I saw Mira near the entrance of the guild hall. She looked a bit happier than before, as she clutched an envelope at her side.

As I walked further, I found a calm river and sat down to clear my head. The gentle noises helped. Then suddenly, a bright flash appeared and Loke-san was there looking out of breath.

"Wendy!" He said at the same time as I said "Loke-san!"

"I wasn't expecting to see-"

"What are you-"

We looked at each other, then I motioned for him to go on.

"Ehh, well..." he muttered. "I was supposed to give you this letter secretly."

I looked at him, confused as he pulled out an envelope with the words~For Wendy.

I started to ask, "Who's it from-" but all traces of Loke-san already disappeared. I opened the envelope to find a letter inside.

Dear Wendy,
I'm sorry that I left without saying good bye. But I promise that I'll visit the guild one day, when I'm done training. By then, I will be stronger, much stronger than Natsu and his lousy team could ever be. I want you to stop crying this instant, wipe those tears away, silly!

At this, I finally realized tears were streaming down my face. Remembering what she wrote, I quickly wiped them away.

Keep smiling like you always do, cuz if you don't, you'll never win Romeo's heart. I will always love you like a little sister, remember that!

Lucy Heartfilia

When I finished, my eyes were dry, and so was my face. She's right I thought. I would never get anywhere with crying and moping. And Romeo-kun. I laughed at the line where she said that I'd never win Romeo-kun's heart crying. Lucy-san always me smile, no matter how far away she was.

Makarov's POV
I was inside my office finishing some paperwork when I heard loud shouts and sobbing from outside. I sighed, stood up, and walked out.

"WHAT HAVE YOU BRATS DONE THIS TIME?!" I shouted with fury.

I saw Lisanna sniffling at one of the tables. "M-master!" She wailed. "I-Its Natsu!! He dumped me for that stupid b-blonde-"

All I heard was a loud slap, then Mirajane's demonic voice she uses when she is angry.

"You b*tch!" She growls murderously. "You are not even worthy to speak of Lucy, nor insult her!"

I saw Lisanna's pitiful eyes look up at her sister. "Mira-nii s-slapped me..." she whispers in shock.

"You are no sister of mine!" Mirajane sneers. "Begone!"

Elfman stands aside, tears streaming down his face while Evergreen comforts him.

I sigh once again, and mutter, "These brats will be the death of me..." as I walk back to my office.

As I stepped in, I noticed something strange. On my desk, there was an envelope. I muttered some ancient spells just to check for traps. To my slight disappointment, it didn't have any.

For Makarov~ it said. "Must be from the council," I muttered.

Dear Master,
I'll admit that the days I was Fairy Tail were the best in my life, and it pains me to leave. From the moment I walked in, to the moment I walked out, I loved this caring guild. But alas it is no longer. You have always been a fatherly figure towards all of the guild members, especially me. Thank you for accepting me into the guild, and showing me what a family was.

Lucy Heartfilia.

I held my head in my hands, tears slipping through. I can't believe I let the light of the guild leave...


Lucy's POV
A bright flash appeared before me. Loke leaped out looking slightly out of breath.

"Did you deliver the letters to them secretly?" I asked.

He looked down guiltily. "Wendy caught me before I could leave."

I smiled at him saying, "It's okay, Loke. At least they got the letters."

He grinned at me, relieved, then disappeared. I looked at the Heartfilia Garden from the balcony of the giant mansion. I had just bought it back using the jewels I gained over the two months. I even hired the servants back since my father had dismissed them due to lack of money.

"Ms. Lucy!!" One of the maids called. "Dinner is ready!"

"I'll be right there," I called back. "Just give me a few minutes."

I went down the stairs and walked outside. My mother's grave was still there. I kneeled down in front of it.

"Mama," I whispered. "Please help me-"

At that very moment, my life changed completely as a white haired women in her twenties approached me.

"Excuse me, ma'am," she said breathlessly. "Do you know where Lucy Heartfilia is?"


Heeellloooo! I FINALLY finished this chapter. Man, that was looong!!? How's summer vacation? Mine is certainly boring, so boring that I'm kinda missing school a little... JK That's practically impossible!! Anyways, who was that woman asking for Lucy? How will Lucy's life change? Read the next chap to find out (btw it's not out yet xD) BAII <3


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