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Requested: 'I'm pregnant' and 'can we cuddle'

"Hello, Pip..." George mumbled as he walked through my office door. "Hello! How was work?" I asked, laying a divorce paper down. Mr. Burr wanted me to study it; the Reynolds. George closed the door and picked me up from my chair, putting me on the desk. "George, we can't!" I squeaked, feeling George trail kisses down my neck.

"Why not? Are you expecting Mr. David Jones or Richard to come in?" George asked, pulling away from my neck. I felt my cheeks heat up as I shook my head. "Don't you remember when you said you wanted to be a father? I'm pregnant." I giggled nervously. George stared at my stomach with wide eyes as he pulled up my shirt and felt it. "Philip... Oh my- if- wait, I'm- I'm the father?" George asked in disbelief.

I nodded. "Do you not want to be the father?" I asked. "I do want to be the father, I just didn't quite understand... I thought that David..." George didn't finish his sentence, so I leaned up and pressed my lips to his. "You just kissed my neck, do you really think that I would pick David over you?" I questioned, feeling George's lips curl into a smile. "No, but I wasn't completely sure..." George shrugged, kissing me.

We broke the kiss, both of us smiling. "We should head to bed." I yawned, feeling George help me down. He placed a hand on my back, protectively, walking me to bed. "Philip, I must work, Alright?" George asked. I shook my head and gave him an upset look. "Can we snuggle?"I asked, watching him smirk. "Alright, only because I love you and this child." George hummed, crawling into bed with me.

He put a hand on my baby bump and another on the back of my head. "You are so beautiful..." George whispered. I smiled and nuzzled into his chest. "Thank you... I love you..." I whispered. "I love you, too... you need sleep." George scolded, "Let's go to bed. I'll work later." I smiled as he said that, closing my eyes and drifting to sleep as George combed his fingers through my hair.

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