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I think sometimes that the night is too long.

The blackness engulfs our streets and homes.

Your eyes shine bright,

Like the daybreak appearing within the night

But only I can see the light, only one like me, who can see the darkness, can appreciate it

Only I will be able to lead you through the streets, the black streets, only with you, with your bright eyes

The streets are black—one cannot go alone.

With the shoes on our feet we will be able to go.

Going and going, if only we can find our home.

Discovering majestic eagles and wounded dolphins on our way.

My heart helplessly hopes for the time—

Our time, the time we advance, the time we discover.

Your brown eyes smell like burning wood.

Your eyes are the key to our homes, the prodigy in the class.

They amaze me

Your eyes give me hope 

Love Poem: HopeWhere stories live. Discover now