How to travel affordably and whether you should do it

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Hi there, glad to see you reading my article again, and I'm going to do something a little bit unusual this time. I'll be recommending cheap ways for you to travel. "Now hold on, Pheng Laogumnerd, won't advertising affordable travel hurt your own business of creating tour deals?" I'm glad you caught on to that and the answer is no, I have not gone mad. I think that being honest with you, my dear readers, is extremely important. And also, I hope to explain why travelling cheaply is not always the best option.

There are a number of ways to fly cheaply. Firstly, obviously, travelling on an LCC if you buy your tickets half a year in advance is cheaper than buying BA tickets the night before the flight. This much you might have known, but here I'll reveal a Pheng Laogumnerd Travel expert secret that you might not have known. If you would like to travel cheaply, book your tickets for a Wednesday, typically when demand is lowest. Another thing you can do is get a credit card that accumulates miles for you. If you make sure to spend with it everywhere, you should have enough miles for a free ticket in no time.

A big problem when travelling on a budget is deciding where to stay. Maybe you've heard of couchsurfing, maybe you're too scared to try it. Which is fair enough. One thing I could recommend however is the sharing economy. Services like Airbnb are phenomenal. Take it from Pheng Laogumnerd; in my extensive travel experience I have rented rooms, flats, houses many times through this site and my experience has always been superb and cheaper than a hotel.

That was just travel and accommodation. Beyond that, you can benefit from using student cards (they're easier to obtain than you think if you're not a student), from cooking for yourself, from investing in a railpass, from going for free walking tours. There are many ways to save money. But should you? "Of course, Pheng Laogumnerd!" Not so fast.

Obviously it depends if you can afford it or not, but very often saving up to have a great holiday is better in my opinion. If you consider the Pheng Laogumnerd Travel offers, you will see that we seek to offer a whole package that will blow your mind. But beyond that, it puts your mind to ease, you don't have to worry about all the little details, we take care of that. And if you think we take advantage of this to charge more, you will generally find that if you try to buy the individual elements that make up the package, it will cost you much more. While being smart about money is good, it can happen that the stress over trying to save money on holidays costs you the pleasure of being on holiday.

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