Epilogue - She's On The Hunt

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Firstly - Thanks so much for all the support, encouragement and amazing feedback you have all given me - I loved it all and appreciated it so much!

Secondly - There is NO third story to this series, I didn't want to drag it out for a round 3.

Thirdly - I do have a surprise in mind for all you amazing readers, it will be posted up straight after this (well, the info on the surprise will be posted up....not the actual surprise just yet....that will come within the next day or two.....but go check out my works wall once you've finished reading this! It will be easy to find.)

~ ~ Epilogue ~ ~

Saxon stood tall, and proudly up on the front porch of his house as his fellow pack members surrounded him, filling in the open area between the house and the bush trees in the background. I don't think I will ever get over how many members he actually has.

The late afternoon sun was shining down on us, but there was a cool breeze blowing through the area, which didn't make the heat unbearable to be standing out here in. My body was exhausted, and by the looks on many of the faces in the sea around us, everyone else was feeling the same.

My wounds have all healed now, but the memories of the pain I went through was clear in my mind and I'm not much of a praying type of girl, but I pray we never have to go through anything like that ever again. Chasing the odd rogue of our territory every now and then I can handle, but not a full-scale fight like the one we had just gone through.

As if sensing the train of thought my mind was taking, Saxon reached one of his large hands out, took my smaller one into it, squeezing gently and reassuringly as his warmth ran through my body. Looking up at him, he was still facing his pack, but the ghost of a smile was evident on his lips.

"Thanks for gathering here today, I know most of you will be wanting to be at home with your loved ones and getting some much needed rest," he started speaking and the low buzz that had been coming from the crowd as everyone talked among themselves stopped instantly and all eyes were on him.

"First, I want to say how proud I am to call you all my pack. I know a lot of you were hesitant when I first took over for my Dad due to my young age, but I know I have proved myself more than worthy for the position of Alpha since then. The Redford pack is one that not many wolves are willing to mess with, and as word will spread of what happened a few hours ago, it still is a pack you don't want to mess with."

"Secondly, I have some news that I want to share with everyone, as this will affect the entire pack," he paused before continuing and I looked up at him frowning, what on earth was he on about? He told me he was just calling this meeting to congratulate everyone for their performance during the battle at the school.

"I am stepping down as Alpha, and handing the position over."

With that single sentence, the entire pack went into uproar, even Vance who had been standing off to the side was now up in Saxon's face roaring demands from him and wanting to know what he was thinking.

Clearly not a single person here was impressed with this decision, they needed him, they wanted him and they weren’t about to let him go without a fight.

"Sax?" I called out quietly, and he turned away from Vance, everyone suddenly falling silent just as quickly as they had started shouting. Chewing on my bottom lip as I realised everyone was now staring at me, I felt heat rise to my cheeks and blocked them all out of my mind.

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