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Chapter 1: Part 4:

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Clarisse’s POV:

Why are you stealing everything from me, MJ?! When you transferred in during the 3rd grade, you stole my rank! You stole everyone’s attention from me at the Volleyball tryouts! Now, you’re stealing NICK from me?! Damn you! Not this time, MJ. I won’t let you have Nick. HE’S MINE!

Ms. Imperial: Teams! Are you ready?

Nick and MJ: YES!

MJ looked at Nick murderously. Nick just smirked.

So that’s your plan, huh? The I’m-not-losing-to-you flirting? We’ll see.

Ms. Imperial: Ready? Set. GO!

Nick darted off to the garden. God, he’s fast! I’ve got to find that clue!

Christian: Is this it?

Me: No, that’s not it.

James: I think this is--

Me: That’s just a piece of paper, James.

I looked around and…

Nick & Me: EWWW!

I grabbed it.

Nick: Hey!

Me: Finders, keepers!

I stuck out my tongue at him.

Nick: Whatever. Just read it.

Everyone huddled around me. Nick stood beside me and peeked at the slip of paper I was holding. I can feel the heat radiating from him. :”>

Me: Ahem.  “I am a soldier, a marine. Find your next clue underneath a white slipper.”

James: A white slipper? Where the crap are we going to find a white slipper?

Peter: Does the clue say anything?

Me: No…

Hazel: Maybe it’s a riddle?

Hannah:  A riddle? Ms. Imperial didn’t say anything about a riddle…

Nick: Wait… I get it! Let’s go to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool? What are we going to do there?

Samantha: Why?

Nick: Marines… Defend the Fluvial Territory a.k.a. water… Coach is always at the swimming pool, he must be the marine we’re talking about!

GENIUS! You just got 5 times hotter, Nick! :”>

Nick: Unless you guys want to search the pond…

James: NO! Let’s go!


I hate it when MJ looks at Nick. Why do I have to like a girl who is in love with one of my closest friends?! DAMN IT!

Bel: Hey!

Me: Huh? What?

Bel: Oh, come on. You’ve been staring at MJ for the last 5 minutes. We’re supposed to be looking for a clue.

She gave me a meaningful look.

Time for an excuse.

Me: She looks so delicious.

I flashed a mischievous smile. She looked at me with horror.

Bel: Ewww…

She walked away from me with disgust.

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