Chapter 28

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Camila stood in front of the mirror, looking at her appearance. Silence. She was wearing a beautiful red dress that Lauren got her as a present one day.

She sighed as she looked at her body, she hated to admit it, but she wasn't so happy with how her body looked after having a child.

Her focus on her reflection was cut short when she heard Lauren step into the room talking to her daughter who was carried by her.

"And if you look to your right you will see your fine ass mamma trying to kill me with her beauty" Lauren spoke as she initiated a tour guide. With Emiren still in her hold, Lauren walled over, continuing with her tour guide facade, "let's get closer to this beauty so we can appreciate her more than ever".

Camila was still facing the mirror and watched the reflection as Lauren walked over.

"Such a stunning human, who ever she marries is surely lucky as fu-" Lauren cut herself off and moved Emiren so she was resting on Laurens left side as Laurens right hand rested on Camilas lower backside. "How you doing mamma?"

"Good" Camila half-lied, hearing Lauren compliment her did kind of help her slightly.

"Just good?" Lauren asked before dramatically sighing and looking at Emiren, "Em, we need to help mamma!"

"I'll be fine Lo, its probably just because I haven't been out in a long time and it feels weird wearing a dress and whatever" Camila shrugged it off.

"I'll make tonight amazing for you Camz, I promise" Lauren spoke gently.

"I know, you always do" Camila spoke as she pecked a kiss on Laurens lips. "Have you packed her bag? Is everything sorted?" Camila asked as she took her daughter from Lauren to hold her.

"Everything is sorted, dont worry. Should we leave now?"

"Yeah, let's leave" Camila decided as the three of them headed towards the car. Camila put Emiren in her carseat as Lauren locked the door of the house. "Lo? Can you make sure Em is secure in?" Camila asked feeling anxious. Lauren double checked as Camila stood to the side, "so?".

"Camz, you've got it. Our daughter was secure, as always because shes got you with her"

"So the carseat was properly appl-"

"Of course baby, now, how about we get moving?" Lauren asked as she helped Camila into the car, "did I mention how beautiful you look?"

Camila smiled to herself, before nodding to herself as Lauren watched on.

"Are you looking forward for tonight"  Lauren asked as she drove to her destination.

"Yes and no, I don't want to leave Emiren alone. But I'm excited for it just being us two together"

"Emiren won't be alone Camz. We are leaving her with the person we rely and trust so much"

"Did she say that she didnt mind caring for her tonight?"

"She was over the moon, you should have seen her face when I asked her" Lauren laughed at the memory.

"Why? How did she react?"

"So, it was like she was going to cry with happiness. She was freaking out with excitement" Lauren laughed out.

"Well Emiren, are you ready to see your aunt Ally?" Camila asked Emiren who was wide awake with her wide eyes looking around.

"Of course she is! Aunt Ally and Emiren are going to have a beautiful time" Lauren exclaimed as she parked the car at Ally's home and got out of the car, she went to take Emiren outa as Camila got outside herself.

"I'll take Em and leave her with Ally and then we can get the bags out of the car" Camila spoke as she carried Emiren to Ally's front door and knocked on it, not even a second later a smiling Ally opened the door.

"Oh my gosh, y'all are here, were going to have a beautiful time, come in" Ally greeted, "I'll helo Lauren with the stuff in the car, you stay with Em" Ally spoke as she left Camila to help Lauren. Camila looked around Ally's house, she smiled when she saw numerous plush dolls aside, Ally definitely was excited for Emiren's visit.

"That's everything then" Lauren spoke as she and Ally moved things around.

"Wait, where is her milk? Which bag?" Ally asked.

"Oh, this one" Lauren Pointed, "I'll store it away Ally?"

"Yeah sure, you know where everything is" Ally spoke before Lauren left. "Camila, you look amazing girl"

Camila smiled shyly, "thanks Ally, and thank you for agreeing to care for Em tonight"

"Its no problem at all, Kiana was meant to come around but I told her that I was caring for Emiren and she totally understood"

"Ally, I didnt know, I'm sorry. If she is okay with Emiren then invite her over!"

"You dont mind?"

"Of course I don't mind, we wouldn't have asked you if we knew you and Kiana were meant to be together tonight" Camila spoke as Lauren re-entered the room.

"Wait, you and Ki were meant to be hanging out tonight? Ally why didn't you tell me? I wouldn't have asked you to do this"

"Its okay, we normally just watch movies together and talk thats it" Ally passed off.

"So you and Kiana?" Camila questioned Ally who blushed instantly.

"Hello, hey Keeks! How are you? Yeah well I just found out you and Ally normally chill today and I'm sorry that shes caring for Emiren tonight, if you want you can still visit Ally though? All it means is there's a lil baby demanding attention now and again. You will, excellent! Okay bye Kiki" Lauren ended the ohoen call, "Kiana wants to visit you and also see Em, so you've got another babysitter for the job"

"I would have been fine on my own, but thankyou" Ally spoke.

"Just make sure Dinah and Mani dont come over and corrupt our child" Camila joked.

"Oh, they don't, they're on a date tonight! Like you two should be, go on, Emiren and I will be perfectly fine" Ally spoke as Lauren and Camila kissed their child before giving her to Ally.

"Bye Emiren, mamma and mommy love you" Camila spoke, slowly walking away from Emiren.

"She will be fine Mila, I'll obviously phone you the second if anything happens, but dont be expecting a phone call because we will be perfectly fine, won't we you beautiful girly?" Ally spoke to Camila before ending her sentence talking to Emiren.

Lauren helped Camila into the car, before rushing to her side of the car, she got in and waved at Ally who was holding Emiren at the front door. "Just think, tonight we will have no interruptions at all"

Camila blushed and nodded her head "I know, just thinking about it seems weird".

The two girls sung whatever came on the radio, spoke about how hungry they were and so on. The ride was soon over as Lauren parked the car and turned the car engine off, she looked over to Camila.

"Are you ready Camz?"

"Of course" Camila spoke, the two shared a kiss in the car before Lauren got out and opened the door for Camila. Hand in hand the two girls walked into the restaurant with a smile on their faces.

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