“Miss Sasazaki, the principal would like to see you.”

Mami’s body jolted up from where it had been leaned hunched over her desk. She blinked her eyes hard to clear the blurry vision from her episode of daydreaming. She had been so worried about Haruna that she wasn’t paying attention in class and had gradually slipped into a daydream. She couldn’t help it; the way she was turned away from Haruna’s house last night by who she could only assume was Madoka was troublesome to her. The fact she had seen Haruna peeking around the corner almost as if she was frightened of something only made it that much more troublesome. Did it mean Haruna was hurt? Was she okay? Mami had to get through an eight hour school day before she could find that out and it was pure torture to her.

The blonde could see her teacher walk down the rows of desks and come to stop just in front of hers. He sighed softly and shook his head. Of course she wouldn’t be paying attention in his class, when did she ever pay any attention? Nothing ever changed with this student.

“Did you hear me, Sasazaki?”

“Well I heard my name but that’s about it,” Mami responded with a shrug. She leaned back in her seat with a bored look as an angered look took over the teacher’s expression. He let out a calming breath, urging himself not to lose his temper with this student.

“The principal would like to see you,” the teacher said again. He turned on his heels, making his way back to the front of the classroom without waiting for a response. Mami raised an eyebrow but decided to go anyway; it beat sitting in class at least. She pushed her textbook into her bag before pushing herself away from the desk. As she went to leave the classroom, Mami could hear the whispers around her.

“Didn’t she just get unsuspended?”

“What do you think she did this time?”

“She probably got into another fight.”

“Maybe she had something to do with what happened to Hana!”

A low, guttural growl left Mami’s throat as her freehand not clutching her bag clenched into a fist. It was taking everything in her ability to not turn around and hit the nearest gossiper to her. Idiots. Every last one of them was an idiot. They all believed what they were told to believe; they all believed whatever Hana or her cronies told them to. None of them could ever think for themselves.

The blonde was slightly thankful that she was the center of their gossip though. She was used to it but a certain brunette was probably not. So far in the two days she had been back to school, she had not heard much gossip about Tomomi. Other than the occasional whisper of wonder – which was quickly silenced by a harsh glare from Mami – there was no one talking about Tomomi. She knew it wouldn’t stay that way. Once the brunette came back to school, she knew the whispers and stares would begin. She just prayed Tomomi would have enough of a backbone to handle at least that.

She shook her head, muttering a curse word under her breath as she walked out of the classroom. She closed the door loudly behind her, a clear sign to the others in the classroom that she had heard them and she was not pleased. Mami huffed softly and made her way to the principal’s office.

When she got there, the secretary didn’t really bother to speak with her. She knew why Mami was in the offices, she was always in the offices for the same reason. For causing trouble. The secretary simply pointed to the principal’s door, silently telling Mami that she could head in.

The blonde did just that. She walked to the back, pushing open the door. When she looked inside though, her body froze. A cold sensation washed over her and sent a shiver through her entire body. It made her almost want to drop her bag and leave the office as quickly as she could.

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