Chapter 9 ~ Annabeth

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Ok we are skipping one more month. Making Annabeth seven months.

Annabeth sat up in bed. She looked up at the high ceilings of her room and fell back into the bed. She touched the paper on her nightstand and smiled. The paper was Percy's letter. She read it every morning and every night just to comfort her. Today, he would be coming home. Annabeth was excited. And Piper and Jason were coming over to celebrate. Annabeth was so giddy, she almost fell down the stairs. Luckily, Hazel was there to catch her.

"Your highness, what's so exciting?"
"My husband's coming home!" Annabeth squealed.
"That's wonderful! Are you arranging a ball?"
"No, just a private party. I'm only inviting a few friends."
"Oh. Alright. Breakfast is ready."
"Thank you."
"Might I ask, who are you inviting?"
"King Jason, Lady Piper, King Leo, Countess Calypso, Prince Nico, Lady Reyna. You and the general. Hmm. I think thats it."
"Okay. And in the ballroom?"

Annabeth followed Hazel to the dining room. Hazel pulled a chair out for Annabeth. Annabeth thanked her and began to eat. Today it was blueberry muffins. Mmm. Annabeth loved the muffins that the chef made. She remembered on the first day she moved into the castle, Percy had the chef these.


Annabeth woke up to see Percy standing over her. He was smiling.

"Well, you're awake. And I thought you would be up before me." he snickered.

Annabeth groaned. After everything last night, the wedding the ball, the guests, she did not want to get up. She looked out the balcony, the sun was up and the village was as busy as bees.

"Do I have to get up?" she groaned.
"Yes. I had Chef Silena make something for breakfast."
"You can't make me get up."
"No. I can't. But you'll be up in a second."

Percy lifted her bridal-style. Annabeth squealed.

"Percy! Put me down!"
"Nope. You're eating breakfast no matter what."
"I'm not getting up."
"So I'm carrying you."

Annabeth laughed.

"How are you this heavy," Percy joked, "what have you been eating?"
"Oh, I don't know, food?"

Truth be told, Percy always said she was as light as a feather. He threw her into the ocean once. Annabeth came out freezing.

Percy took Annabeth's hand and they walked down the stairs. The smell hit Annabeth before the sights. She took in a whiff of...... blueberries? She loved fruits. Mmm. Percy smirked at her.

They took a seat in the dining hall next to each other. Then Percy got up. He covered her eyes and told her to open her mouth. Annabeth did as he asked. The moment, she felt a warm, sweet and fluffy pastry in her mouth. She chewed and swallowed it.

"Mmm. Percy what was that?"

Annabeth had no idea what it was. For all she knew it could have been spiced worms or cooked rat.

"It tastes like.... blueberries ."

He took his hands off her eyes and showed her the muffin. She stole it from his hand and threw it in her mouth. Annabeth loved the muffin. It the right amount of sweet and fluffy. She loved the taste. It was a close second to Hestia's cookies. Percy kissed Annabeth's cheek and she smiled.

Annabeth looked at the muffin in her hand. Maybe she could have more of these made.

"Yes your highness?" the pretty dark haired, blue eyed chef came out of the kitchen.
"Can you make more of these muffins for later?"
"Of course."
"Thank you."

The lovely chef nodded and left. Annabeth smiled. She was excited for the day. Percy would be coming home to her and she would be with him. He was going to be there to kiss her good morning and good night. Help her raise the baby. Comfort her when she had a nightmare. Be a husband and a father. Annabeth day dreamed about everything she wanted to happen. Her heart took her it would.

Later that day, when the soldiers were supposed to becoming home, Piper and Jason arrived at the castle. Piper beamed and ran to hug Annabeth. Jason embraced them shortly after.

Annabeth was giddy and happy. She was finally going to see her husband again! After six long hard months. No one to comfort her. No one to love her like he did. After greetings were passed around, Annabeth, Piper and Jason left for the troops' camp. They rode by horseback. Annabeth took Starlight, Piper on Apple, and Jason on Tempest. They reached the shores in no time.

Annabeth stood at the hill, overlooking the camp. She waited for Percy to be there. Piper sat next to her. Jason put an arm around his fiancé. Piper smiled and he sat down next to her. Annabeth was still looking at the camp. She rubbed her belly out of joy and bliss.

After hours, and hours of waiting, Annabeth almost lost hope. Then she saw a figure walking towards them. She stood up.

Percy? Could it really be?

Seeing who the person was killed her happy spirits. It was General Zhang. He looked glum and depressed. Annabeth glanced at him, question in her eyes.

"My lord. My ladies," he bowed to each of us in turn, "who are you looking for?"
"Per-" Annabeth caught herself, the general didn't know about Percy's letter, or she, Piper and Jason did. Now what did he call himself? Perry Johnson, Annabeth remembered. "Perry Johnson."

The General looked back at her sadly.

"He went missing after we had lost the first battle. I'm sorry your majesties." he bowed.

Annabeth nodded, saying nothing. For once she was utterly speechless. Nothing could sadden he more than this news. Her husband said he was coming home, but didn't. She almost burst into tears. The news shocked her. Her sense of pride disappeared. The tears she fought were let loose. She knelt down on the grassy hill and cried her eyes out.

A sense of dread washed over her. If Percy wasn't coming home, where was he?

Hello my friends! Have any of you ever had that moment when you start ranting and fangirling and your family looks at you weird. That my daily life with my brother. Oh and by the way, I still need those names please! I'll give you the list one more time.

For girls-
Arietta (little song),
Evelyn (hazelnut), Laila (guardian angel)
Liliana (gracious lily) Lovedaia (day of reconciliation)
Nerida (flower or sea nymph)
Raisa (rose)
Rosalie (rose)
For boys-
Alistair (defender of mankind)
Arthur (noble, lofty hill) Bradford (broad river crossing)
Caldwell (cold well) Hunter (it's kinda obvious) Jayden (God has heard)
Landon (open grassy meadow)
Raymond (wise protector)
River (this one is obvious)
William (determined guardian)

Ok see ya next chapter.

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