sehun's twin [EXO fanfic]

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real same. everything. exo only knows about her existance after 2 years they debut. she is here because they actually separated at birth. when I say exo, it's mean including sehun. he doesnt know he have twin sister and they are 'look a like' twin. she was adopted by a rich family but they died in an accident and leaving her with a lot of money and questions. so she came to find an answer/ answers.

but since its exo she met. well, different kinda story actually did take place.

she sudenly become exo sehun no 1 fan. ahahaha. sure it's not a forbidden love since she did not fall in loves with sehun. but did fall with one of exo member. would you like to have a guess who it might be?

[A/N : this is my first fanfic. so...

bear with typos , grammar off and things like that. hehehe. well , I hope you guys enjoy the story~ ^^]

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