Chapter 21 ~ Kenzie

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I wake up feeling amazing. Last night was amazing. Everything's amazing.

"Johnny!" I whisper yell, climbing on top of him.

"Babe, what time is it?" He asks, half asleep.

"6:30! We only have 12 and a half hours to get ready for the party!" I squeal.

"Exactly, we have 12 and a half hours!" He replies pushing me off him.

"Baby! I'm bored," I pout.

"Fine!" He says throwing off the covers, "Let's go shopping and we'll buy new matching stuff for the party!"

"YAY!" I scream.

"Happy now?" He jokes, grabbing clothes from the closet.

"Yes," I smirk.

I grab my stuff and get changed and showered in the bathroom, while Johnny gets cash from Carson, to pay for a bus. I come out of the bathroom, and Johnny goes in.

I'm just finishing up with my makeup and hair when Johnny comes out of the bathroom, shirtless. It's not like I haven't seen him shirtless, but I blush anyway.

"Aw you're blushing," Johnny smiles.

"No-no I'm not," I mumble, wow very believable Kenzie.

"Aw your so cute,"

"So are you," I say, giggling.

I finish what I'm doing, and Johnny puts on a shirt and does his hair, then we're ready to go.

"Johnny! Come on!" I scream dragging him out the door.

We miss our bus. Great.

"Now look!" I say, getting irritated.

"Let's just walk," Johnny says.

"My legs hurt," I moan.

"Then I'll carry you," He says, and picks me up bridal style.

"Johnny," I squeal, "put me down!"

"Nope!" He laughs, and literally carried me the whole way to the mall, bridal style.

Once we're there it turns out the mall is shut, because one of the bakery's went on fire inside it or something, so we head back disappointed.

It starts to rain, which is annoying at first. After a while though me and Johnny just let loose and play in the rain, racing each other home. Johnny's a lot faster than me so he runs a ahead, then turns back and waits for me.

When I catch up he puts me up on his shoulders and walks home like that, we must look like a bunch of crazies.

~Later back at Carson's~

"So are we gonna get ready?" I whine.

"Yes! Let's get ready!" Johnny says jumping up.

"Finally!" I squeal. I dress in a nice mint green crop top, and a black skirt. I do my hair in a bun, with two curly bits hanging down, and my makeup heavy, but not cakey.

I come out the bathroom, when I think I look okay, and find Johnny scrolling on his phone. He's wearing black jeans and a mint green shirt, guess we're matching after all.

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