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Imagine Yukiya, your best friend, seeing hickeys that Cerim gave you
F/b = Favorite breakfast

I open my eyes to find Carrot trying to get a carrot from his secret stash on a shelf. While he was distracted I got up got some clothes that were laid out for me and changed in the bathroom. When I got out the bathroom I went over and picked him up before he could get a carrot. "Hey! Come one let's get breakfast. How about some carrot pancakes for you." I said in an enthusiastic voice to excite him. It worked. "Yeah yeah yeah!" He said and hopped onto my right shoulder. I put my hair up in a bun and walked down to the dorms kitchen. I prepared carrot pancakes for Carrot and F/b for me. While eating I decided I would spend some of my free day with my best friend, Yukiya, since I spend most of last night with Cerim. We went to my dorm and had some 'fun'. I had Carrot stay with Amelia and Liz last night. Luckily I don't have a roommate. He must have left early and brought carrot back. Oh well. I got out a piece of paper and wrote a note for Yukiya.

        Hey meet me outside the girls dorm in 20 minutes. We haven't hung out in a while. Let's do something fun.
                ~ Y/n

Then I sent it off with a spell. After Carrot and I ate we went back to my room. I found a note on my desk.

          I got permission to go out into the town to get things for some new spells, (Idk😶)so I won't be here today. But still have fun.
                ~ Cerim

Well I was gonna spend it with Yukiya anyway. I thought. I decided to get ready. I picked out my outfit and went into the bathroom to change.

Minus the bag

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Minus the bag

I put my hair in two braids. (if u have short hair u jus pinned it back) I picked up Carrot and put him on my right shoulder again. He had my wand so I took it and put it in my boot. (Alex Russo wassup) When I was sure I had everything I needed I went to the balcony and jumped down but not before holding onto Carrot. It wasn't that far of a jump but he could fall and hurt himself. When I landed I went to the entrance of the dorm to see Yukiya. "Hey." I said while hugging him. "Hey." He said hugging back. We became best friends because we understood each other and helped one another. "So do you want to go to the meadow and just hang out there and do some magic?" I asked. "Sounds perfect...... shorty." He said laughing. "UGH! I hate that name. I'm not that small." I said walking towards the meadow with him following. "Yeah you are." He said laughing. After about 10 minutes of walking and joking around we finally reached the meadow. We sat down, with Yukiya sitting next to me on my right. I took off my jacket since it was kinda warm. As we talked for a few minutes Carrot jumped off my shoulder and started playing with the other animals. Yukiya and I laughed at him and looked at each other. Yukiya seemed to noticed something on the right side of my neck and pulled my right flannel sleeve off exposing the whole right side of my neck and shoulder. He examined it and laughed so hard he fell in his back. "What!?" I asked looking at him with wide eyes. "Did you and Cerim have fun last?" He asked while laughing already knowing the answer. I make a small mirror appear and I look at the right side my neck and the top of my shoulder. I saw dark hickeys all over my top right shoulder and right side of my neck. I see Yukiya still laughing and I started blushing. As he finished laughing he sat back up. "At least tell me if u left Carrot with one of your friends." He said with a smirk. "Yes I did. He stayed with Amelia and Liz." I said. At the mention of Liz's name he blushed. "Well you and Liz may be in this situation too." I said point to my neck then his and laughing. "Hey! Don't bring my love life into this. We still have to talk about how your going to cover those up." He said laughing a little. "Um makeup duh." I said raising my eyebrows. "Yeah what if it comes off?" He asked raising his eyebrows. We continue to bicker until curfew and headed back. We gave each other a hug before saying goodbye. When I got back into my room I laid Carrot down on his bed and  I saw Cerim laying down on my bed. I sighed and smiled while shaking my. "Come lay down." He said stretching out his arm. I walked over and laid down in his arms. I fell asleep to the feeling of his fingers tracing the hickeys on my next.

Three more parts until the new characters

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