Still bestfriends? Chapter 1: First Meeting

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Hey!, This is my first story uhm. this is related with me and my EX bestfriend or formal?.. I dont know.  I will be sharing it. :) hope you'll enjoy :)

So this is about me and my bestfriend Nikki, we're bestfriends for 2 years already and we have experienced a lot of adventures that affected our friendship.We cherish one another well, I was the one who usually protects Nikki, nikki is like my little sister who needs some guidance Because she was like a little childish. Now, I have my own new group of bestfriends,so does Nikki. We even have a cute nickname w/ eachother.. "Mhine". This is inspired from the tagalog song Mhine of republikan. We've been apart since she go on a vacation and when she came back here without even hanging out with me.. To know why this happen lets start from the day we first met..

Me: "*aaah* summer vacations over! Cant wait to meet some new friends! Better hurry or I'll be late for the bus.."

So, this is Me, My name is Kate my first day as a new 6th grader in Elite School. I admit that before I was a flirt and I know I did have a bad atittude when I was a 6th grader. Ugh I regret being like that! Good thing I've changed because of the new bestfriends I've met.

I came to school, and its saturday Of Course.. Flag ceremony.

After the ceremony, its time to assign the new classrooms and classmates. I was in the section "Chrysanthemum" So Since we did'nt have yet an permanently assigned Classroom we stayed at the library for a couple of weeks. Then after a week! We finally had our stable classroom Haha. Its funny to see my boy classmates running to out classroom like having a race. Oh Yeah I met some friends, Janna and berryl. Janna is a future valedictorian and berryl is a top 5 in our overalls. Woah! I've been friends with smart peoples! Tehee~ I feel lucky HAha. After a month, I've also met some more friends ruben and reysel :) Ruben is just an ordinary guy, while reysel is a cool one! She likes to read books too! And she has a talent on writing scary stories. -.- She's also smart. :)

Ok, It's already August and our adviser announced that there will be a new student from the Philippines [because currently we're in saudi] . Everyone murmured

Girls: Omg! I hope He's a boy! A handsome one! :"> *screams* haha!

Boys: I hope its a girl! Can't wait to meet her. Ya! And a cutie too! HAHA!

Adviser: Class, She is a Girl :)

Girls: Aaaw.. *voice of dissappiointment*

boys: YES! *all High Five!*

It's been a week,its saturday again -.- and its the day for that new student to come .. early in the morning before the line up.. She's here! w/ a One sided pigtail like hair. (e! bsta like a baby hairstyleHAHA) [And that student is Nikki ;)] We girls are polite so we escorted her to her place. Then within a minute and she has settled her things...

*everyone ran to her*

girl1: HI! I'm joyce! nice to meet you! lets be friends! I'll give you a tour!


Boy: Hi! Im rexcelll but you can call me rex for short. *wink*

aaGH! Everyone is shouting and surrounded her HAHA. So I just joined them HAHAHA.

not long oon lunch time Joyce and nikki are eating. So, to know her I joined them. Then I was often wih them.

3 weeks later. I sometimes feel pity for Nikki [Hey that rhymes! HAHA] because Joyce is hurting her sometimes and acting like Nikki is a slave. -.- So i talked to her She told me that Joyce always tells her parents about the wrong doings she did like about the boy who is interested in nikki. I know that like theres nothing wrong there but her parents are some what protective so Possibly her father will hurt her when they find out. So because of this Joyce! [*rolleyes*] Nikki was punished she was grounded. Luckily Joyce just told her parent that she is texting w/ that boy and that he was courting her. Good thing Nikki just get grounded. and her phone was confiscated.

-END of part One-

Sorry for the wrong grammars :)) Im trying to summarize it all. Whew!. Nosebleed! I am suppose to type this in tagalog but I wanted for others to understand so i just do it in english. :)

hope you like it. a fan. vote. Eveything! :)))) HAHA.  hope you enjoyed. :)

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