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005. ❛ meeting the gang.

WHEN THE BELL FINALLY RUNG, FELICIA IMMEDIATELY STOOD AND WENT TO GWEN'S SIDE. WITH THE BLONDE BEING THE ONLY FRIEND SHE HAD MADE IN THE SCHOOL RIGHT NOW, FELICIA DIDN'T WANT TO JEOPARDIZE THAT OR GET LOST IN THE SCHOOL. Gwen chuckled slightly seeing how Felicia was like a little fish in a big pond, and lead them to their next class which was US History. The two walked the semi crowded hallways to their next class having time for a little bit of a chatter.

"How did you like Mr. Gordon's class?" She inquired while they turned the corner to another long walk down a hallway. Felicia kept dodging looks from the people passing by her, and focused ahead and on Gwen's question.

"He definitely has an interesting charisma, doesn't he?" Felicia smiled noting the over seeming happiness of the teacher during the class, especially when talking about the periodic table. He went on a tangent for about ten minutes about hydrogen. Seemingly, Felicia wasn't the only one who was dazing off. Her partner, Peter, kept looking at his computer screen throughout the whole class. Although Felicia didn't mind, she was certainly intrigued as a cat was always curious.

"After a while, you get used to it." Gwen smiled before they entered their classroom of history to be greeted by a lady that seemed to be in her mid thirties, blonde hair, and a bit taller than she was. This time around the seat next to Gwen was available, and Felicia had no probably sliding into that chair and paying attention to the lesson, while at the same time counting down the minutes till lunch.

The two whizzed past the half of the day and getting to lunch where Felicia would ultimately have a place to sit, alongside Gwen and her friends. When she told her that, Felicia was a bit hesitant to meet new people she didn't know. Even though she didn't like to admit it, she was a bit anti-social. Or that perhaps, Gwen's friends weren't as accepting as she was concerning her name. Already hearing rumors behind her back, she didn't want to be seated with people who already had a decided impression on her. Yet one stare at Gwen seemed to push all the negative scenarios out of her brain; Gwen wouldn't band with people like that, or at least she'd hope. The blonde was too kind and sweet to hang around with people who were judgmental and negative.

Felicia followed her to the lunch table and kept her gaze focused on what was ahead, and not on the others watching her and judging silently. When Gwen made a turn and stopped abruptly, she stumbled back almost bumping into her. Turning to see her friends, they all were familiar faces that she had seen throughout the day especially in Chemistry. The guy who was mysterious yet attractive to her and the redhead sat on the same side, with the other side probably for them.

"Guys, this is Felicia Hardy. I've been showing her around, and thought it would be a great idea if she could sit with us." Gwen proposed with a smile as the two whispered words to each other before facing them again.

Felicia held a stunned face waiting for what they had decided, since it was the decision that it was either the cafeteria or the bathroom stall. The tall blonde girl stood tall as Gwen took her seat on the other side, waiting for what her friends had decided.

"There is only one question you have to answer," The redhead said followed by a nod from Felicia. "On Wednesdays we wear—"

"It really depends, if you're a AHS fan then you'll probably say black. But if you're quoting Mean Girls then pink." Felicia said waiting for a response or a look in their face that signified that she answered correctly. "Am I getting hazed?"

The three ignited into laughter which caused a awkward laugh to erupt in Felicia, laughing along even if she didn't know what they were laughing at. Once it boiled down, and the three seemed to gain control again. The ladies of the table smiled before the redhead said, "You're definitely a keeper."

Felicia interpreted it as a way of saying that she was in, and took her seat next to Gwen across from them. She nudged Felicia in a playful way as if saying, see nothing went wrong.

"I'm Mary Jane Watson." The redhead said which was a relief since Felicia could stop calling her and referring to her as the redhead. "But most people just call me, MJ."

She noted that and nodded proudly, switching her attention to the guy whom she still didn't know his name. All she knew about him was they they had Chemistry and History together. His face definitely stroke her as familiar and well known but she couldn't exactly place it.

"Harry Osborn." He addressed with Felicia suddenly wondering why he looked familiar. Oscorp Industries was run by his father and Felicia's father was well acquainted with Norman Osborn from a couple of conversations that she overheard before Walter was fired.

"And we're missing Peter," Gwen looked around the cafeteria and frowning at the missing member of their group. Although Harry was quick to respond to her disappointing comment.

"No need to worry, Stacey. Peter is already familiar with her." He smirked and Felicia kept her lips in a thin line. "They're lab partners after all. And it's such a shame that I'm stuck with Elaine."

Felicia didn't know if he was flirting with her from his submittal messages, that her face remained neutral at his comments. She didn't want to deal with boys like that especially since when they bark, Felicia bites back hard.

Mary Jane quickly saved the conversation with asking Felicia more questions, "Did Gwen show you the auditorium? It's massive and basically my second home."

"MJ, only theater nerds go down there. Just because you do, doesn't mean that we have to bore our new friend down there." Gwen playfully joked with MJ, who stuck out her tongue at her comment.

The four of them continued to throw punches and ask Felicia questions of how she was fitting into Midtown. All of them boasted in what happened in classes that they didn't share together. As each one said their part, Felicia's eyes fluttered over to one of the exits of the cafeteria, and noticed a little glimpse of Peter Parker. The two shared a brief eye contact before he pushed on the door and left the cafeteria.

Peter Parker was definitely a different type of teenage boy that she didn't expect to meet. He was different that most that she had met, and something about him intrigued her. She didn't exactly know what, but she never doubted her intuition.

Returning to the conversation that was filled with laughs and jokes, Felicia truly felt lively in their environment and could see herself being in a school that made her feel secure. Only even knowing them for a couple of minutes, she couldn't deny that a warm feeling inside her said that this was going to last.


I'm a bit iffy about this chapter but at the same time, I really like it so please let me know how I did with this.

She finally met the rest of the gang! Harry with his indirect flirting and MJ with her theater. But don't worry, this black cat isn't going to put up with Osborn's flirting.

Definitely needed more Peter but this was about her meeting MJ and Harry more than anything. And next chapter is also going to be lacking but your also going to meet a new character.

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