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It's the next week and the boys are setting up their equipment to record a new video. The cooking challenge.

"Camera rolling?" Grayson asks.

"Yeah" says Ethan.

"Alright let's start."

Ethan follows Grayson behind the kitchen counter and at the same time they say "What's up guys we're back!"

"For this weeks video we decided to go a cooking challenge where we both try and bake a cake and whoever makes the most good and tastiest cake wins", says Grayson.

"And whoever loses has to eat a gross and nasty cake that the winner makes and they get to decide what to put in the bad cake", Ethan says.

"Okay lets just jump right into the video."

Both the boys have pans, bowls, spoons and everything they would need to bake a cake.

"This shouldn't be so hard" Ethan says laughing nervously.

*Fast forward*

In the end Ethan won this challenge and Grayson had to eat the nasty cake that Ethan made for him to eat whole.

"Time to edit this video" Ethan says.

"I can't believe I lost" Grayson says angrily.

Ethan spends about 2 hours editing the new video when he decides to take a break and have a quick snack. Grayson is also in the kitchen making himself something to eat.

"Hey, want me to make you something?" Grayson asks.

"Yeah that'd be nice" Ethan says.

Grayson makes Ethan some grilled cheese with bacon in them.

"Here bro."

"Thanks Gray. I'm gonna go finish editing while I eat."

"Alright, can I see how it looks so far?"

Grayson follows Ethan into the room where he finds Ethan walking to his chair to finish editing.
Ethan sets down his food on the desk next to the computer and turns to Grayson.

"Yeah sure come on."

Ethan faces back to the computer. Grayson comes next to Ethan and looks at the screen where Ethan plays the video and they watch what he's got done so far.

As their watching Ethan turns to Grayson and watches his reaction as he watches the video. While Ethan was looking at Grayson he remembered back to when he saw Grayson naked and liked what he saw a little too much. He thought about how he liked when they showered together. He wanted to see his brothers body all over again.

"Hey...do you maybe wanna...shower again tonight?" Ethan asked nervously.

Grayson looked at Ethan smiling, "Sure yeah we can I need another shower anyways. I stink."

Ethan turned to face the computer screen happy he gets to see Graysons bare body again.

He finishes his grilled cheeses and gets up and walks to the bathroom. "Meet you in the shower!" Ethan yells from the hallway.

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