The raid that started it all

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Third person's POV
Alison Di'Laurentis is a quiet, sophisticated girl who comes from a wealthy family, where she lives in Rosewood, PA. She's really smart , recently graduated from Harvard, but can be sarcastic at times, she knows how to get her way, and never let's anyone influence her to do bad things. That is until the very next day something happens that changes her so deep in her spirit, something that she didn't know would come out of her. See, her mother was a great business owner while her father was a doctor, and so is her brother Jason. Alison's parents expected high and nothing else other than the very best of her and her brother. Especially with her father being a pastor and her mom being the first lady, they kept the world and their faith separated as they were highly religious. Sometimes Alison had quite the hard time following up on her faith and experiences with God, but she tried hard for her family. She wanted to please them.
Alisons POV
I woke up early getting my self prepared for what the day has planned for me. I did my usual routine: thanking the Lord for waking me up, making breakfast for myself, after that going to go brush my teeth (I mean let's be real everything tastes horrible after you brush your teeth😂), feeding my dog Pepe, then getting in a sports bra, leggings, and my Nike shoes to head out to the nearby gym. Hopping into my range rover that I got for passing my driver's test and getting my license. I facetimed my mom telling her good morning and that I love her, and to tell my dad. She told me it back and said to have a good day before asking me how to hang up again, that's exactly what you get when your parents want to be in the "trend" trying to keep up with the generation thinking they're still "young and hip", as my grandma would say. I rolled my eyes playfully and chuckled as I told her I'll hang up. To be honest I missed staying with my parents, well more of my mom we always had a tighter bond then me and my dad, he was always too religious, that it made me kind of happy that I got my own place at 24 but now I need the company. I don't fawn too much of dating I don't think I'm ready to really commit, not saying I'm a hoe, just I don't know if I'm ready for the responsibilities, the arguments, and the pretending to be okay with someone waking up and kissing me with morning breath. I pulled into the parking lot of the gym and got out. I showed my membership card and went in. I went to my yoga class first about an hour after, I did 50 squats, took a rest for a bit and drunk water, then I went on a run around the block then started a jog on my way back. I checked out and went back home to get ready for work. I worked at a café, I know I could get a better job but I honestly liked it, it was small, the workers and customers there we loving people, it was pretty packed during the weekends and mornings especially. I took a shower for about 15 minutes then got out and put my skirt on, my button up short sleeve blouse tucking it in, and then putting my flats on. I curled my hair and applied little make up. I grabbed my keys, making my dog food just in case he gets hungry later on, just to hold him til I get back. I locked my door and got in my car driving off to work. After about 20 minutes I got there, and clocked in. I saw my friends, but they're more like sisters I've never had, Spencer and Aria. Spencer kind of just like my family grew up in a wealthy family too, her parents being both lawyers and into the politics area alongside her sister Melissa who travels a lot. Her family weren't really that religious, they believed that Jesus was the promise son who came down to save us all and that God was our father who loved us unconditionally, they would attend church services when they could, but they weren't too deep in the word unlike my family. Aria grew up in a modern family, they had money but they weren't big like our families, her family supported her with every decision she made unlike me and Spencer's family, we had to live up to a standard and carry on the generation of our last names, Aria was free spirited and her parents and her brother, Mike, loved her for it and knew that if she ever made a mistake or something happened she could always come back to them. Both Spencer and Aria were in a relationship. Spencer was married to a guy named Toby who was an architect, with a son named Jonah. He was a sweet little boy, he looked a lot like Toby but had his mother's personality, he was smart, like really smart for a 7 year old. Aria has been engaged for 3 months now after Ezra , which get this used to be her high school teacher, proposed to her. She's expecting a baby girl in 8 months. If my family would know this they would've said something about the no sex before marriage rule but everyone sins, no one is perfect and to be real I think they're reasoning for having a baby now, which is that they want their baby girl to get older and experience their wedding and love for each other for herself so she'll know what love looks like, is a good reason. Ezra is a writer for New York Times, so far he's published 3 books and they've been selling like crazy. "Hey Ali" Spencer said while giving customers their breakfast orders. I greeted her back while getting my apron and tying it around my waist. I said hey to aria and went further down the counter to take my customers order. "Hi what can I get you this morning sir" I said to a guy who looked around 19. "Coffee, chicken and waffles, with a side of you" he winked. I gagged in my mouth "everything's on that menu except me" I winked back, rolling my eyes and writing it down passing it to Caleb, one of our cooks. We don't really talk that much but he's a cool guy. I consider him as one of my friends since we talk during just our break but never outside of work. He's really good with computers so he works at Best Buy when he's not here working. I say good morning to him and he smiles at me. He's cute and charming but I'll like to keep him as a friend just to have a guy friend and not someone who's full of hormones when I talk to them you know. I take my next customer's order, after that I exchange the order with my last order, bringing that douche of a boy his food. And the day went on like that. Until 9:30 where we were putting the closed sign up, cleaning the place up, doing the dishes and wiping down tables while we waited til 10 to go home. A car later on pulled up at 9:37, then three more cars and two motorcycles. Just sitting in the parking lot. "Um guys? Is this anyone's rides?" I asked the workers, they came out and all say no. Spencer and I just stood there trying to get a look but we couldn't see with the lights still being on because the car wasn't turned off. I was getting a bit nervous. "Maybe we should call the cops or something" Caleb suggested. "No, they'll probably leave in a while and are just hanging out here" Aria stated. "I mean we're closed so why hang out here?" Spencer said. Then we heard someone get out but they didn't come our way. After 10 minutes the lights went out. I was scared to death after that. "Maybe the manager forgot to pay the light bill....?" Samara, one of the workers said trying to convince herself more than everyone else. "I'm going to go to the back and look at the generator to try and turn it back on, someone call the cops" Caleb stated. I offered to and I looked at my phone and it said no service. "Someone else do it my phone says no service" I told everyone. "Mine too" aria stated , "mine three" Spencer said everyone else mumbling that they have no service. "Okay this is freaky, that's not even possible...right?" I said. Caleb came back "Its not turning on, did any of you get in contact with the authorities?" He asked 'no's coming from all over the place. "You guys its 9:58 p.m, we all need to get home" Spencer stated walking all over the place lifting her phone up trying to get any connection. "Everyone turn your flashlights on so we can see better and make a plan" caleb said. "Oh no sir I'm out, I see things like this in movies all the time, where they want to do something about it and end up being dead, so I'm just going to go to the back in the kitchen and help myself to some food til the morning, if anyone would like to join me then you're welcome to do so, other than that I'm out" Aria said. "Oh my gosh come on aria you want to get out or not?" Spencer said "I do but you see when ther-" before aria could even finish her sentence a whole bunch of people busted through the door and windows with guns and knives, yelling like crazy. Wearing all black and ski masks and gloves. I yelled for Spencer but I couldn't really hear where she was from all the yelling. I turned my flash off quick and ran to the back of the counter quick. I know you're wondering why I didn't go out the door, but it was guarded I could make out the figures from the car lights shining on them. I crawled under the counter and I felt a hand on me I instantly got scared and asked who the person was and it was aria. "We need to go out the back door or something"she stated " I'm pretty sure its being guarded like the other door" I whispered. "Let's just try we can always come back" she said. In the chaos I heard voices saying "put your hands up" and "get behind the cash registers now and give us the money or we'll blow your brains out" me and Aria crawled feeling for the kitchen door while running into someone who was also crawling "aria is that you" Spencer whispered. "Yeah me and Ali, you heard from Caleb?" Aria asked "yeah he's right behind me" she said "look guys we need to get out of here, and try to get a signal so we can call the cops and tell them that we're being raided by a gang so we can save everyone" I said to them "yeah, we're heading to the back door right now" aria told them. We crawled through the kitchen and then Caleb turned on his flash and told us to do so. We got up and started walking carefully and not loud. "This way guys" Caleb whispered to us, I silently prayed for everyone and me to make it safely out of this place. "Wait" I whispered "I hear people talking" I added on. Then we heard foot steps so we all step back and squeezed into a tiny space between the two refrigerators turning our flashes off. After the foot steps were distant we turned our flashes back on and started making our way out but as soon as we got out the lights turned on and we heard a voice behind us. "Don't even think about trying to get out of here, don't move and don't talk unless you want a bullet through your back" the voice was muffled but it sounded like a girl. My bottom lip started quivering and I felt my hot tears streaming down my face. "Hands up right now!" The girl yelled and our hands went up swiftly. I heard the footsteps getting closer and she started laughing and in the corner of my eye I saw her push the gun into aria's back then she came over to me and did the same thing except I heard the clicking sound of the gun that was ready and just one pull to the trigger that would be it for me. More tears started pooling down my face and it became harder for me to stifle my whimpers. "Awe, sweetheart why you crying", the masked face now near my ear laughing evilly, pushing the gun deeper into my back. Then she backed up and went to Spencer next, I saw Spencer crying as well it was different this time. The gun was held to her head. Then she moved to Caleb and that's when he made a big mistake by talking. " Look, you don't have to do this " he said trying to reason with the enemy. "Shut up boy" she said then I heard a loud bang, our heads turned towards Caleb, sighing in relief on the inside because he didn't get shot. She laughed again "gotcha" she said then pushed Caleb into the stove. He bumped his head hard groaning. "Who's next to speak" she said, continuing "maybe this time you won't be as lucky as him" she finished. She walked around to face us, playing with the gun in her hands. She chuckled dark "so you're not gonna test me?" She said to Spencer, who's eyes closer after that, she walked over to aria next "anything from you shorty? Any words you'll like to say? No? Okay, forever hold your peace because you won't have any after this" she stated sternly, aria's tears began to rush down "awe come on babe be fair with me I didn't even do anything to you yet" the girl said before walking over to me. "How about you blondie ? Any speeches?" She said, I opened my mouth and that's when she quickly placed the gun under my chin "oh so you do have words'? I'm all ears, better impress me or you'll regret it" she said, I closed my mouth scared to say something now. "Too late for that, talk or my gun's going to do it for you!" She snapped. Then I opened my mouth again, I repeated in my head 'Shall no weapon formed against me shall prosper' but my faith in that began to weaken with the minutes going by with this gun still in my face. "Look, ma'am, can you just let them go, I don't care about me, but don't hurt them please, the girl to the left of me is expecting and the one to the right has a son to get back home to and the guy has a sick mother to care for" I pleaded  "I'll give you money just let them go, please" I begged tears falling from my eyes as I looked into hers. For a moment I saw sympathy but then it was taken back over with a wicked look, she laughed. "Shut up" she said pulling away from me. She called out for people and people came back there and took us , tying us up and placing a bag over our heads. We were lead to a car and they pushed us in, speeding off to God knows where.

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