Leonis, 1:1, 2:9 - USAOL Part Six

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The front door exploded open and a man with short, buzz-cut dark hair stomped in through the opening. He pointed a gloved hand at Parker. "Get him!"

Another man, his face formed into a scowling mask of anger, was followed closely by a third, this one with light brown hair and a similar expression. They raced into the living room from behind the first. The trio, dressed in urban camo BDU's, bolted toward Parker and James as the Horo buzzed its third and final time.

Parker grabbed James by the shoulders. "Hang on!"


"Keyword, did you do that? Power the Horo so we could shift?" Parker asked and then glanced over at James. The librarian was leaned up against the brick wall attempting not to throw up again. They were both standing at the same point in the alley in which Parker appeared the previous day.


"Wow." Parker began pacing. "So, what just happened? Those men...?"

"It appears that somehow, we, in another reality, copied your Horologium for some purpose and these killers have tracked you down utilizing these devices. They spoke very little between them. We cannot be sure if they are aware of our presence or were just taking precautions." 

"Is there anything you can do to keep more of them from coming here?"

"We already have. Studying your Horologium's energy pattern when we shifted you provided us with all of the information we needed to block any further incoming Horologium's with your device's signature. We have placed a defensive barrier around this world."

James looked up and said with a shaky voice, "That means...you won't be...coming and going from here, either...Parker. Right, Keyword?"


"Can I ever leave?" Parker heard James heaving behind him once more and winced.

"Yes, there may be a way to permit you to come and go without compromising this reality's safety...with our assistance."

Parker raised an eyebrow. "Why would you want to do that? Help me travel back and forth here with the Horologium."

"Because, we have come to the conclusion your appearance on our world may not be by chance...nor your grandfather's. We imagine you, in particular, may be very important, Parker Raymond."

"Okay, so, what is your suggestion?"

"Let us rebuild your Horologium."

"What!?!! You want to disassemble my Horo...my one and only chance at getting home?"

"Yes. We will recreate your device and give it a unique signature that will allow you and only you entrance to this reality in the event you need a safe haven."

Parker removed Horo from his pocket and looked it over. He slowly lifted the clock-like object in front of him and looked away. "Go ahead. Do it."

The Horo dissolved in Parker's hand as he felt a knot forming in his stomach.

"Thank you for trusting us, Parker. Give us a few moments."

Parker nodded.

"So, where are they now?" Parker asked nervously. "Those five killers? Are you going to dissolve their Horo's, too?"

"No, they were sent to whatever location they had set in their Horologium devices. It happened when we activated your Horologium."

"Smart." James said between dry heaves.

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