Tangerine Trees [Ace x Reader]

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Hot water running down your back. You closed your eyes and let the it fall on your face. Being able to take a long shower was something you couldn't do as much as you wished to, so you were enjoying the moment while it lasted.

Muffled voices caught your attention. They soon turned into shouting. You wondered what had your captain done this time. It was most probably him, since you could recognize Nami's voice as one of them, and she screamed mostly at him.

The bathroom's door creaked as it was opened. You frowned.

Who was coming in?

The sound of the shower should have been heard from outside. Looking through the shower's frosted glass, at first you couldn't see who it was, but then you spotted a very recognizable orange cowboy hat.

What was he doing there? And, most importantly, in that moment.

You two had been flirting shamelessly from the moment he arrived, but that was an unexpected move.


Ace ran through the ship's corridors looking for a place to hide. Luffy was no were to be seen. They had been fighting playfully on deck and had broken a couple of branches from Nami's tangerine trees by accident, which had led to her chasing them and threatening to kill them.

So there he was, running for his life and looking for shelter. He heard Nami getting closer to where he was, and so decided to enter the next room he saw.

Steam was the first thing he noticed when he closed the door behind him, then the sound of... water running? He looked up and saw the shower.

Oh god, who was in there?

Please let it not be Robin or Sanji would start ranting about how he couldn't do that, blah, blah, blah.

He looked through the frosted glass at the woman who was now facing him and swallowed. He was certainly more afraid of her reaction than whatever the cook had to say.


You stared at the cowboy and waited for him to say something, maybe apologize and go away, but he stood there speechless.

Since he wasn't going to, you decided to make a move.

You ran your hands over your hair, squeezing it lightly to remove the excess water, and then reached out to take the towel that lay on the bench near the shower. In the process, you looked straight at him.

He froze even more, staring at your exposed body before you covered yourself with the towel.

"Liking the view?" You asked, tightening slightly your grip on the piece of fabric.

"I'm so sorry!" He apologized and turned around, his face red as a tomato.

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