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Society 19 is a team of young, aspiring Wattpaders who work together like a family. We will publish stories, giving writing advice, hold competitions, make covers, mentor Society Member(like you if you join), and so much more! Together, we have a main focus of promoting rising authors with contests, mentors, writing tips; however, also to spread positivity around the Wattpad Community.This society features some of your amazing authors including selxwrites Mystical_Cookie loganandryder Midnight_Kaiulanis crystalfrost3425 IreneCallista07Become part of the Society by hitting that follow button for society19 and adding #TheSociety to your bio. From there, you can enter in competitions, connect with a mentor, and start writing with a team of supporters right behind you.To learn more about us check the external link.More to come,Stay Pumped,Stel ✌✌

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