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I personally improve extremely quickly in my art ; but that is purely because I know my style and am comfortable with it , this makes it much easier to improve.

There are no real tips on improving


Tip uno / ett / one ) If you do not like where your art is going. DON'T LET IT GO THERE. If you find your art is getting worse or that your not happy with it I would suggest doing the 20 artstyle challenge. You may find some styles that you really like.  This does NOT mean to COPY that style. It means to base your style off of that one.

Tip dos / två / two ) No matter what someone will compliment shitty art and completely ignore yours. This is normal and fine. No matter what you will not be the worlds best artist , but that doesn't mean you're the worst.

Tip tres / tre / three )    Your old art is garbage (this is sarcasm don't go crying in the comments) No artist (unless you're weird and your art went from a 10 to a 4 somehow) looks at their old art and goes "Damn this is good" . Pretty much every artist hates their old art AND THAT IS FINE. BUT I personally try to love my older art. Sure it may look fucking dumb but if you didn't draw that , your new drawings wouldn't have improved. The more you draw the more mistakes you'll make. And the more mistakes you make the more you will learn.

Tip cuatro / fyra / four ) People are going to tell you your art is shitty. This is going to happen no matter how good or how bad you are. It happens to all of us. However if someone says something like "Hey that looks a little weird the eye is too low" that's constructive criticism and that is VERY HELPFUL  if you use it correctly. There may be things that are just your style like large eyes , small mouths , ect.

Tip cinco / fem / five )  Practice. As much as possible. Draw faces , gestures , things from real life , food , anything you can. Just practice


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