Thirty-Two; Messages

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New Message from sebastidamn👅


happy birthday, valentina angelique rivera!

stefanie wanted me to remind you that she's

picking you up later to bring you to your

not-so-secret birthday party!🎉


thank you, seb💗


the not-so baby daddy💪 sent a message to HAPPY BIRTHDAY VAL🎂

the not-so baby daddy💪 

happy birthday, val pal❤️

i'm on my way to yours with a very special

birthday breakfast!

the not-so husband😘 

and i'm on my way with a very special birthday

card, because your present is at the party location

happy birthday, wifey😘

the not-so best friend💁 

happy birthday, val! i'm so excited to see you and

i'm already outside your door with olivia, so please

come let us in! i love you!!!

the one that's not on the show💃

what she said ^^^

the not-so virgin🤰

thank you guys💞

and i'm coming, ladies, hold your horses😘


birdbrain🦅 sent a message to SUPERNUGS💢


happy birthday, preggo my eggo!!!!

(this is a reminder for those of you

who forgot)

i can't wait to see you later!!!!


happy birthday, valentina❤️

america's sweetheart😇

happy birthday to yoooou🎶


happy birthday, mama val!!!


happy birthday, valentina!

green lantern💡

happy birthday to you, unless you

haven't changed my contact name from

green lantern, in which case unhappy

birthday to you😃


happy birthday, pregananant🎉

actual god🌟

happy birthday, val!


happy birthday, rivera!

green giant😡

happy birthday from us!

crap bag💩 

happy birthday, valentina!


happy birthday from me and the mrs😉


ahhh so many birthday wishes!

i wish i could respond to you all, but that'd

probably take hours & olivia is very demanding😂

but, thank you so much! and i hope to see most, if not

all of you, at the party seb's throwing later! love you

guys xxx


New Message from Mama❣️ 


Feliz Cumpleaños, baby girl, from me and

your father❤️xxxxx


gracias mamá❤️ xxxxx


New Message from the better olsen💋

the better olsen💋

happy birthday to the love of my life!

this is gonna sound sUPER cheesy, but 

honestly, you've become one my closest

friends in the last three months, and i'm so

glad that you and seb slept together & that

he got you pregnant, bc i cannot imagine a 

world where that doesn't happen! love you,

baby rivera❤️

my pal val💋

you're such a cheeseball

but i love you too❤️


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