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A popular topic of discussion amongst fans of Jane the Virgin star Valentina Rivera (33) is the paternity of her unborn son, dubbed 'Baby Nug' by Rivera and her friends. The baby was conceived following a one-night stand with Rivera and a man who's identity she's decided to keep secret. This is likely due to the fact that the father is an actor, like Rivera, or possibly someone equally famous.

 This is likely due to the fact that the father is an actor, like Rivera, or possibly someone equally famous

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Rivera, 33, shared this snap of her and her baby bump on Instagram last month.

There are many theories for whom the father might be, but there are three popular choices amongst fans. They become more popular than the others choices (such as Tyler Posey and her ex-boyfriend Leo Pierce), when Rivera revealed, shortly before discovering the gender of her baby, that she thought her child would be a girl, whereas the father believed the baby would be a boy. Friends of Rivera took to the comments to post what they believed the gender was to be through heart emojis; purple for a girl, and blue for a boy.

Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Mackie, Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Rivera's co-star Will Venturi were the most notable names that commented that they were 'Team Boy'. One user, under the handle jvnethevirgin, took to the comments to make their guess at who the possible father is, by taking the actors that commented 'boy' (claiming that the father likely commented to 'blend in'), and getting rid of those who are married or in a relationship, leaving only three possible fathers in the running. Sebastian Stan, who broke up with long-term girlfriend Margarita Levieva in May of last year, Chris Evans, who has had no notable relationships in some time, and Will Venturi, Rivera's close friend, were the only ones left, and thus became fans' most likely answers when asked 'Who do you think is Baby Rivera's father?'.

Whatever the case, we here hope that Mother and Father are excited for the arrival of their new family member! We'll be awaiting the news!


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