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valentina_rivera: papa nug surprised me today💞

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valentina_rivera: papa nug surprised me today💞

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username1: i'm sobbing

username2: val !!! deserves !!! the !!! world !!!

username3: i hope she and papa nug fall in love tbh

username4: username3 if they do fall in love & it's one of the 'three main choices', then that means val could end up with will/chris/sebastian and i'm okay with all of those options

username5: username4 damn me too

elizabetholsenofficial: valentina_rivera papa nug treatin' you right

valentina_rivera: elizabetholsenofficial you know it😌

oliviaofficial: lowkey ship you and papa nug

username6: olIVIA I'M CRYING

username6: but lowkey me too though

valentina_rivera: oliviaofficial you ship everyone

oliviaofficial: valentina_rivera only when they're meant to be😘


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