Black Promenade

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  • Dedicated to Her

Infatuation: in-fat-u-a-tion

"an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone"

Act I

Queen Tut, her Masquerade.

Temptress in the emerald blades,

her teeth bared, smile disguised a snarl;

pink tongue honey thick-the sweet nothings said.

A liar, pokerface’d drama her art

Shall I be a fool if art’s taken to heart?


I didn’t choose to live a life of hesitation,

nor did I choose to show compassion,

Weakness and care.

What I would give to revert to mine reckless intent,

to plough my way through hearts with a hell bent

passion for pain in their eyes.

Leave me, bitter disposition. I asked not for you,

a burden forced upon me, one that grew

with mine heart. Piss off.


What is it we've come to in youthful naivety,

we've allowed infatuations of a Shakespearian kind,

to rule not heart but body and mind?

Alas, I'm pondering longer and harder:

to be poor Ophelia- what would I rather?

to feel?  I ask, to feel

the scars of "love's" dagger upon my heel?

I shall not wonder "where art thou" for thine art foul

is the bane of manhood, Troy at Helen's clutch- your cancerous touch.

Infidelity: In-fi-del-i-ty

"the action or state of being unfaithful"


Does it matter that you are not alone?

If hypothetically, I was not alone-

am not alone.

Jack and Hil, Marylin, Monica?

an end is inevitable- neither better than the other.

She and I are young, We is old, born a millenia ago-

The only thing promised is death.

Retribution: Ret-ri-bu-tion 

"punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved"

Act II


You slide in the first two,

chat a bit of shit and I do too,

I say I don’t give a fuck and load two more,

I match you blow for blow and I’m calling you a whore,

you’re calling me a dick, you start talking slick

about ancient things, what we’d put behind us, really taking the piss.

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