nineteen - girls just wanna have fun

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Jackie and I don't have much in common, but we do have alcohol in common.

Jackie showed me her favorite spot on the outskirts of town, next to a river, about 10 minutes of walking from her house. There's a small beach of dirt and sand that's big enough to fit three or four people, with plenty of trees surrounding it. Jackie hid our beer between a cluster of rocks in the cold water, and I must say, the river does an excellent job of keeping them chilled.

I'm already three cans in and starting to feel buzzed. I didn't eat that much today, so that makes me feel even worse. The beer we're drinking tastes like water so I'm a little disappointed in myself for not holding my alcohol better.

"What do I do if I have to pee," Jackie questions as she curiously looks around the river and trees.

"Pee up there, by the trees. I gotta go too," I admit while slumping my back sitting criss cross applesauce.

"Pee with me," Jackie happily and drunkenly exclaims before bursting out laughing.

I laugh along with her cheery tone, shaking my head quickly. "Ladies first. This is your spot, anyway, you should know where to pee."

I hear the bushes rustle as Jackie crawls up the small incline towards the entrance we came through. I really hope she doesn't end up getting poison ivy on her vagina or something, cause then I'd never hear the end of it.

While she's going to the bathroom, I reach forward and grab another beer from our stash between the rocks. I dry the can off on my shorts before cracking it open and taking a big gulp.

"Did it!" Jackie exclaims while giggling and practically sliding down the incline back onto the little river beach.

I can tell that she's way more drunk than I am off of this cheap beer. Her eyes stay planted on me which makes me a little uncomfortable because I don't know what she's gonna do next.

"I think you're, like, really hot," she says with a small, drunk giggle at the end of her sentence.

I feel my cheeks heat up and I laugh, adverting my eyes to the ground. "Thanks. You're kinda cute too."

I see her crawl over to me from the corner of my eyes. Her hand drags along my thigh as she invites herself into my lap.

The alcohol is blantanly present on her lips as I feel her head inch closer and closer to mine. I really don't want to kiss her, at all, but I'm too buzzed to stop myself and it might be fun to just makeout while being tucked away on this little plot of dirt by the water. Nobody needs to know about this.

I don't pull away when I finally feel her lips make contact with mine. I taste the alcohol as we sloppily try and fight for dominance in the kiss. She keeps pressing forward with way too much force and I can tell it's because she's drunk. The sparks aren't there and it doesn't feel right.

Slowly, I break our kiss to breathe and have a second to process what happened.

"Oops," she giggles as her finger drags down the center of my lips. I watch her tongue seductively roll over her bottom lip.

"We can keep this our secret?" I desperately ask for some reason I can't quite remember.

"Pinky promise," she mutters while collapsing her lips back against my own. I want to fight the kiss, but I don't.

The warmth of her hand travels down my arm until I feel her pick up my wrist and intertwine her pinky with mine.

"Jackie," I breathily mutter when I find the right time between her kisses, "I don't want to do more than this."

Sober Jackie already knows I don't wanna fuck, but I doubt drunk Jackie knows. Her expression changes when I remind her — like I just crushed her one wildest dream.

"But... I always wanted to have sex here, and you're..." Jackie mutters hopelessly.

I immediately feel guilty as the whites of her eyes turn a light shade of pink and well with tears.

"'re so nice," Jackie finishes saying as her lower lip quivers.

That's definitely not what I expected. "Save the sex for someone you're actually going to be with for a while."

She gives me a confused look and sucks in her lower lip to pout. "I've never had sex before and I think you're the one."

I'm in the middle of swallowing beer as she says this, which causes me to cough and almost choke myself out.

"You're a virgin?" I quietly exclaim, a few drops of beer trickling down my chin.

"I'm the only one of my friends," she tells me with puppy dog eyes and the same pout.

"That's nothing to be ashamed of," I say with an awkward gulp, "I am too."

Jackie smiles thoughtfully as she stumbles out of my lap and onto the sand. "It's really good to hear that."

I just shrug away the words and watch Jackie's eyes begin to close.

"I'm really tired," she tells me while laying down on her side in the sand. The ends of her hair touch the edge of the water and each strand slowly separates from the weak currents.

"Call my brother to pick us up," Jackie sleepily orders.

My eyes widen and I'm suddenly sober as ever.

"No, no, we can walk. Let's go," I encourage her as I find my balance on my feet, gently nudging her butt.

All Jackie does is moan and groan, finally standing up with me. I guide us both up the hill to the grass and we immediately begin walking home. I'm not that drunk, but walking next to Jackie, who can't even keep her eyes open, makes me feel sober.

"I have to pee again," she warns me as she begins unbuttoning her pants on a public walking trail.

"No!" I scold her and move her hands away from her crotch area. There's a few people walking the opposite way, facing us, and I don't want to reach down to button her jeans back up but I do anyway.

"I have to go," she says like a five year old.

"We're almost home."

I lied. We have about eight minutes left and zero restrooms in sight, but fortunately, after another minute passes, I see a bright green port-o-potty and corral Jackie in there like livestock.

I'm really hoping she forgets all of this tomorrow.


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