Ways to Annoy: Your Bestie (part 2) (21 ways)

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1. Sing "Let It Go" every time they say something that sounds important

2. Poking never fails

3. Gaze at them with a pokerface

4. Scream if it thunders and hug them tightly

5. Dance in public to random music to embarrass them

6. Sob loudly at a random moment. When they ask what's wrong, tell them that Loki is so cold he burns and that he's burning through your heart

7. Tell them what happens in the Captain America movie

8. Sing their least favorite song over and over again

9. Draw in bright colored crayons on their door or even their homework

10. Eat all their food

11. Hide their phone or small electronic devices. Tell them that the elves stole them

12. Put their socks all over their floor

13. Change their passwords to everything

14. Log them out of their accounts of favorite websites and turn off "remember this password"

15. Sign them up for ads from a ship they hate so they get them in their email

16. Send them nonstop selfies over text or email

17. Track mud in their room but blame the dog (best if they don't have one)

18. Unstuff their pillows

19. Switch all the CDs from their original cases

20. Speak like Yoda "Yoda I am.... In need of food I am..."

21. Try to Oprah sing

22. Make them a club penguin account and name it "FatButtCheek"

23. Buy a ton of "_____ For Dummies" books and give it to them. Explain that it will help them through life

24. Give them already drawn in notebooks

25. Hiss at them when they ask you something

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