Chapter 12

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Clarke's pov

How could have I thought that Bellamy and I could be something?

I ran the whole way home. As soon as I got home I ran into my room, even though there was no one home. I was in bed all day, watching netflix. My phone vibrated and I paused my movie. It was Octavia.

"Hey, are you okay? Bellamy told me that you came by, but then left. When he was telling me something just seemed off with him. Did he do something to you?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Clarke, please tell me, is there something wrong?"

"No, Octavia I already told you. See you at school."

"Okay, we'll pick you up at 7.45."


Great this means that I have to see Bellamy, because he is always the one that drives her to school. I just need to stop thinking about him and move on with my life. The rest of the night I spent eating ice cream. At 10 pm I decided to order a pizza. About ten minutes later I heard my doorbell ring. I opened the door and saw Bellamy.

"Why are you here?" I said harshly.

"I have the pizza that your orderd." He said and gave me the pizza. I had now idea that he worked as a pizza delivery guy.

"Okay. How much is it?" I asked and started to look for money in my wallet.

"It's ten dollars, but don't worry I already paid for it." He said and was about to leave.

"I don't need you to pay for my pizza so here take the money." I said and handed him a ten dollar bill.

"No, I don't want it!" He said and pushed my hand away.

"" I said as I tried to put the money in his hand. I gave up and pushed the money in his pocket and ran inside.

Why was he like this? Yeah I know we kissed and a day after that he went and slept with Gina. Everything we might have had is gone. Bye bye Bellamy. The boy that I want to date now is Finn. I think it was good that Bellamy and I didn't tell anyone about the kiss. Wait, what if Bellamy told someon? No, he couldn't have. He wanted to keep it as a secret as much as I did. I think that Bellamy and I still need to get along, because we were starting to become friends before you know what happened. If we just start avoiding each other and not talking someone is going to knwo that something is off. I went to bed after I finished my pizza. 

I woke up and looked at my clock. It was 7.30. I was in a rush Bellamy and Octavia will be here in 15 minutes. I just put my hair on a ponytail. I did my make up faster than I ever have. I chose a pair of white jeans and a black off shoulder crop top. I ran downstairs and I had 5 minutes before they came. I ate an apple and right after I had finished I heard someone honked in front of my house. I knew that it was Octavia and Bellamy. I took my bag and put on my black nikes. I closed the door and walked to their car. I saw Bellamy in the front seat and Octavia in the back. I got in and next to Octavia.

"Hi."  I said and looked at Octavia.

"Hi." She said and smiled.

"Oh hi. I am Gina. We saw each other yesterday when you came over at Bellamy's house." She said and looked at me from the front seat. Great. Why is she here?

"Clarke." I said and shook her hand.

"She is Bellamy's new 'girlfriend' ." Octavia whispered to me and did air quotes when she said the word girlfriend.

"I thought that Bellamy doesn't have girlfriends." I whispered back to her confused.

"I thought so too, but this is the first girl that he has introduced to me." Octavia said as we parcked at the front of the school.

We got out of the car and I started to walk towards the math class. Bellamy and Octavia went in the other direction. Gina was walking behind me. Just as I was about to walk in the school someone grabbed my hand and pulled me to the side. It was Gina.

"Hey, I know that you are or were friends with Bellamy, but before you get any ideas Bellamy is mine." Gina said harshly.

"Before you get any ideas I don't care. " I said while I broke free from her hand and turned around to get inside.

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