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Y/n = Your name.

In this story you like candy and music. (sorry if you don't like any of these!)

This is a little info for people who don't know Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. IT'S NOT PART OF MY STORY it's just to let you know about the episodes.

Ashiya Mizuki arrives at Ohsaka High, a school that accepts students based on appearance rather than merit. Almost immediately she has several awkward and embarrassing encounters with classmate Sano Izumi. Sano, a high jump athlete, is the reason Mizuki disguised herself and entered an all-boys school. Mizuki is introduced to the school's three dormitories that compete in school-wide events: Dorm 1, captained by Tennouji Megumi, contains the martial arts department; Dorm 2, led by Nanba Minami, specializes in sports; and Dorm 3, headed by Oscar M. Himejima, hosts the performing arts. Mizuki joins Dorm 2 to be close to Sano, and even becomes his roommate, but learns that he quit high jumping because of a torn ligament. For the sake of winning a marathon competition between the dorms, some students injure Mizuki's foot, but she is determined to keep running. Sano hears of the incident and comes to watch, and when Mizuki collapses before the finish, he carries her to the nurse's office. The school's doctor Umeda discovers that she is a girl. 

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