Chapter 36 - Sweaty skin & calloused hands

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Mature content: if you don't like this, skip to the next chapter. x

Harry's eyes shot open in surprise, as if he hadn't quite expected me to say yes. I hadn't really expected it either, but to be fair to myself, I didn't have a filter on my mouth. And the fact that he was strangely sexy when he was jealous didn't help either. Neither did the fact that I was hopelessly in love with him.

Either way, he was absolutely irresistible; he towered over me with a glint in his eyes that screamed dominance, and that was exactly what I wanted. I was much too awkward to be in control, and so when he dipped his mouth down to meet mine again, I gladly went under.

Slowly, he pulled me away from the wall and began edging me back towards the bed, until the backs of my knees hit the mattress and I fall onto it, bringing Harry down on top of me due to the grip I had on his borrowed t-shirt.

"Patience, Norah," He taunted from above me. The dark look in his eyes was gone, replaced by lust and a boyish glint. And considering my lack of social skills, I did the one thing my mind could process doing at that moment, and raised my mouth to meet his and avoid conversation.

The soft kiss quickly turned desperate; he bit down on my lower lip roughly before sliding his tongue into my mouth and twining it around my own. His body weight became greater on me as he shifted his hand from supporting himself, to my thick brown waves.

I could probably kiss Harry all day. It's rough and passionate, and the way he had a little bit of stubble from not shaving for a day was so unlike him. He was more aggressive than anyone I'd ever kissed, and it was so much better.

"Wanted to do this for so long," He mumbled as he removed his lips from mine and began leaving trails of fiery kisses across my cheek, to my ear, then down my neck. He nipped softly once, just enough to keep me craving for mor contact, before he continued. "It was absolutely killing me, Norah. And do not apologise for waiting."

My instincts took over; my fingers wound into his own messy locks, causing him to a elicit a soft moan that was enough to make me moan in return. There was a part of me that wanted to crawl on top of him and make him fall apart at my touch, but the more other part wanted him to do that exact same thing to me.

I tugged on his curls as he gently sucked on my earlobe, then moved downwards to give me another hickey. There was something about the way he looked right now, with his head buried into the crook of my neck and his fingers digging into my hips, that made me see another side of him.

I wanted to tangle my fingers in his hair and map all his tattoos with my tongue, but the thought was long forgotten when he slipped his hands in my shirt and shimmied it up to reveal my pale stomach.

"Arms up, babe," He ordered. Complying without a second thought, I raised my arms above my head and let him slip the knit sweater off before tossing it blindly to the side and attaching our lips together again.

He tucked his arms around my waist and rolled over without any warning, making it so that I was straddling his waist and causing another moan to escape from his already-swollen, sinful lips. The fact that I had that kind of effect on the man below me was enough to make me roll my hips against his again.

Between the three thin layers that kept us apart, I could feel his erection straining against layer one of the barricade, those damn Calvin Klein boxers. Layer two was the loose sweatpants that hung off my hips, and layer three was the thin cotton underwear. Too many layers, I thought.

And Harry must have had the same idea, because he looped his fingers into the waistband of the grey joggers and helped me shimmy them off before tossing them to the side with my sweater. I pouted down at him playfully as I ran my hand over his clothed chest.

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