Chapter 1

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It had been two years since Weslyn's first mission. It was a blood bath. Forty percent of the Scouts died. Fortunately, neither of the cadets died. Since so many died, Erwin got his first squad a year after his first mission, Weslyn remain in Keith Shadis' squad. Now, two years older than when she graduated from the academy, Weslyn was considered a veteran in the Survey Corps. Weslyn was also believed to be the strongest Scout, especially for her young age. She was also considered very intelligent, although Erwin was the better analyzer and planner. Weslyn was the best person to turn to when all hope seemed lost. Erwin was only good in the generals' quarters, planning the outcome of the battle and the best victory. The two became friends, maybe even family. Erwin and Weslyn gave each other advice, and watched each other's backs. Many believed the two were dating. Unfortunately, Weslyn made it clear that she was not interested in a relationship, especially one with a man who towered over her. 

"Weslyn, have you heard about the new cadets?" Hanji Zoe, three years older than Weslyn, asked excitedly. Weslyn only mumbled, "I don't care." It did not deter the mad woman, however, she only got more excited, "Erwin found them himself, they're to introduce themselves today! Who's squad-"

   "Okay Hanji! Enough! I don't care about some stupid cadets that are just going to die during their first mission. Just get out and leave me alone." Weslyn interrupted, she was in a foul mood. Erwin never told her that he was planning something. He always told her what he was planning. 

   "Okay, Weslyn. I see, I'll go get breakfast," Hanji said, more than a little dejected from Weslyn's outburst. Weslyn didn't care. She made a mistake getting too close to Erwin. She was not going to make the same mistake twice. Or was it thrice?

Levi's POV

"Everyone! Attention!" The commander, Keith Shady? Levi Ackerman did not remember nor did he care, yelled out to the assemble Survey Corps. Suicidal lunatics was what Levi thought they were.

   "Attention! All troops!" The man never not yelled, "before I have these new cadets introduce themselves, Weslyn Yeager! Step forward!" Levi noticed a small woman, very small, she had to have been shorter than him. Levi only 'tched' at himself. He was 160 centimeters in height, this woman must be pathetically weak if she was smaller than that. He did have to admit she wasn't harsh on the eyes, nothing special. She had rust red hair that was styled in a pixie cut and eyes an entrancing electric blue. Levi did not have an education like others, but he knew that she must have been the only red haired person left in the world. Red hair is an incredibly rare trait that was smothered by the dominant genes, such as black and brown hair. She was unique and that was what made her beautiful, no doubt if there were more red heads, she would be average.

 It was more than her face, her figure was nothing extraordinary but it suited her. She had below average breasts but made up for it with a nice ass.  He noticed where his thoughts were going and immediately scowled. The woman, Weslyn, noticed this and scowled back. Levi was taken aback, a woman with such a pretty and delicate face could make a look that rivaled his. He was impressed with this woman, and intrigued. 

"Sir!" Weslyn yelled out as she saluted.

   "Very good. Soldiers, the first time this Scout spoke to me, it was to counter me. I told her that she and the other new cadet, Erwin Smith, were to join my squad for their first mission and she argued with me. A cadet joins the commander's squad and complains? I remember asking her, 'is it not good enough for you'. She replied by stating that I was suicidal for placing a cadet who had 'never seen a titan before' into my squad.

"She further stated that even though she was the top in her division, since she had never seen a titan before, she did not know if she would be able to handle the situation calmly. I believe all of you know the rest of that story; she was still placed in my squad and she lived, saved my life twice, while forty percent of the scouts, veterans included, died at the hands of titans. She has always remained calm and clear minded in a hopeless situation. She has saved all of our lives at least once. 

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