1. Black Men In Society

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I FEEL LIKE BLACK MEN ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN when it comes to life and lifestyle

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I FEEL LIKE BLACK MEN ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FOOD CHAIN when it comes to life and lifestyle. Most of you like black men because you want mixed race babies stop fetishing over a type of child and respect our black men.

Even though they are the most desired they are also persecuted and have issues that they have to deal with like masculinity and that image of having over 6" penises, six+ packs, being athletic, stealing, being rough and having no respect for women, and the list goes on with "positive" and negative stereotypes.

Stereotypes are one of the worlds highest problems in the world's society because it has to do with judgement and viewing things the wrong way and can end up disrespecting that person.

And for a while I think we've all noticed that black men have become more desirable to many women for a few years now and some men because of "the way they are and look" are deemed more pretty or handsome than others, dark black men are making a come up but in reality. In our own small and honest lives dark black men are being tortured and light black men being praised.

The media controls our way of thinking, it changes what's wrong, what's right, what's bad and what's good. We don't really ever make up our own choices anymore, STEREOTYPES do. It's sickening because the media often tells us that being dark is black and that puts darker men in a comfortable situation. Imagine being black and dark it's really the worst combo when it comes to bullying.

And black men literally try and escape that but I'll tell you why in another chapter.

Not everyone is exactly the same, you may have met a few people or it may even seem like all the people in your life from a certain group are all similar when in reality you've never met that whole whole group, so really you cannot speak for anyone but yourself.

What I mean is that if you were bullied by a black men doesn't mean that all black men are going to bully you that's generalisation. Secondly, most of you sucky racist have never had a bad experienced with black men before, it's because you keep on watching the news and thinking that all black men are criminals.

They are not.

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