Chapter 19 ~ Kenzie

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"I can't leave Maddie," I whisper.

So much has happened in the last week, I found out my sister is having a baby. My own mother slashed me. My boyfriend wants me to run away with him. What the hell.

"Baby please, you're not safe here! Maddie can move out, she's 16, she can go and live with Jack, and me and you can find somewhere to stay," Johnny pleads.

"Okay," I say getting up and going through to the bathroom to clean myself up. I wash my face, and fix my make up.

"I'll tell Maddie and Lauren to come here," Johnny calls to me through the bathroom door.

When I come out, I find a hyped Lauren, a tear stained Maddie and an expressionless Johnny, sitting on my bed.

"Um you can tell them Johnny," I mumble.

"Right," he starts, "Maddie, you're moving in with Jack, you can raise the baby there,"

"But-" Maddie starts.

"No objections," Johnny cuts her off, "you're not safe here! So that's sorted. Me and Kenzie are gonna find our own place to stay, somewhere close enough to get to school, but far enough from here,"

"Wait, what about me?" Lauren asks.

"You have to stay here, I'm sorry sis," Johnny sighs, "make sure no one knows where me and Kenzie are,"

"Hold up, you and Johnny living together," Maddie says looking me in the eye, "we already have one pregnant person here, me obviously, we don't need another!"

"Maddie," I start, "it's for the best, we won't do anything. We're not safe here,"

"Okay," she sniffs, taking her phone out, "I'll call Jack,"

Maddie leaves the room to call Jack, and Lauren goes home, so it's just me and Johnny.

Johnny's sitting on my bed, relaxing, scrolling through his phone. I crawl into his lap and take his phone away.

"Baby?" I whisper, "Where are we going to live?"

"I don't know Kenzie, but I promise you're getting out of here," he says, softly kissing my forehead, "how about Carson's?"

"Would he let us stay there?"

"Kenzie," he whispers "he's absolutely loaded, he has like 5 spare bedrooms, I'll text him,"

"Okay, thank you," I say cuddling into him, like a little kid.

Johnny does something on his phone then he turns to me,

"Come on, let's get packing," he smiles at me.

"Johnny," I whisper, "I love you, so so much,"

"I love you to babe," he replies, "now let's get packing!"

I grab a rucksack from my closet, as well as most of my good clothes. I go to the bathroom and grab my tooth brush, toothpaste, shower stuff and a razor.

I go back through to my room and see Johnny's packed up all my important stuff, he's so sweet.

"You got everything?" He asks, I nod, "Right let's go to mine and get my stuff,"

~After getting Johnny's stuff~

"So, uh, how are we getting to Carson's?" I mumble, leaving Johnny's, saying bye to Lauren.

"We're gonna walk, I can't afford a bus and I can't drive,"

"Oh," I sigh, "but it's like 45 minutes away to walk,"

"30 if we walk fast," Johnny giggles.

"Fine," I say laughing.

~Arriving at Carson's~

"Hey!" Carson greeted us at the door, "I'll show you guys around,"

He leads us about showing us all the different rooms, honestly this place is massive.

We reach a pearly white door and Carson opens it, it's about twice the size of my parents room. It's got an ensuite, a gigantic walk in closet and dressing room, and a Kingsize bed.

"This is Johnny's room for how ever long you guys need to stay," Carson says, entering the room.

"Johnny," I whisper, so Carson can't hear, "I want to stay with you, not by myself,"

"That's okay, I'll tell Carson," he whispers back, softly kissing my forehead.

"Mackenzie, I'll show you your room, come with me," Carson says, before Johnny stops him.

"Actually Carson, Kenz will just stay here with me,"

"Hold up," Carson says, spinning on his heels to face us, "I'm letting you guys stay here, out of kindness. This ain't a love hotel, okay?"

"Carson, she's scared outta her mind, she needs me there, and we ain't gonna do nothing!" Johnny butts in.

"Man, I'm joking!" Carson laughs, "I'll leave you guys to settle in, by the way, there's a party tomorrow night, you guys okay with that?"

"Yeah," Johnny and I say together.

"We'll see ya later!" Carson says, finally closing the door behind him.

Me and Johnny both fall flat down on the Kingsize.

"What a day," Johnny sighs.



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