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*Chris's POV*

Me and my bae were upstairs chilling. Kelly just came out the bathroom, she but on her purple lace victoria secret bra and panty set ,Damn she was looking sexy. She stood infront the miroor looking at herself, I got up and wrapped my hands around her waist and started kissing her neck. "C-Chris not now I just took a shower baby". She said letting out slight moan.I spinned her around and started kissing passionately."Girl your the one teasing a nigga and u know i can't resist", I took her up laying her on the bed not breaking our kiss, I kissed her neck leaving love marks." Mhmmmm Chrisssss!", She said screaming my name "Girl u know I love it when u scream my name", I smirked. She giggled. I kissed down to her chest, I moved her bra revealing her breast I sucked the left and played with the right. "Ahhhhh baby". She said biting her bottom lip.I could tell she was soaking wet. I took her panty off then kissed her, I slowly put my partner in and stroked slowly then faster." Y-Yess Chris right there baby". I stroked harder, "Babe I'm about to c-c-cum". she said gripping the sheets forming a arche in her back. "I love you ". she said gasping for breathe, " I love u more babygirl". I said kissing her.

~Next Day~


I woke up at about 1 Devon was already downstairs. I hopped out of bed and did my hygeine I felt like going to the gym so I put on my grey nike yoga pants with a neon pink sports bra , I put my hair in a ponytail and put a neon green head band around it with my pink nike air sports sneakers. I texted kelly and karmen and asked if the were in and they both said yes , so i grabbed my phone, ipod and keys and headed downstairs. " Hey boo", I said plopping down in the couch beside him kissing his cheek " Hello there sleepy head where u going"? ," Im going to the gym with the girls ,Bye". I pecked him on the lips and went to the kitchen for an apple and headed out.I swerved off to karmen's house first because she lived the nearest.

~3 mintues later~

Karmen came out the house in her black sports tank top, a black yoga shorts with her neon green nike air sneakers , her hair was in a ponytail. " Hey bish", "Wassup bae"," Nuthin" she said smiling. We went and got kelly she was wearing blue sports bra , black yoga pants with her black nike air , her hair was in a ponytail. Then we were off to the gym.


Me and my girls were at the gym u kniw maintaining our summer bodies. Keeping it right for out men. I got on the treadmill and started it up then i say this sexy guy staring at me he stood about 6'0 he was light skinned , tatted with pearly whites he was fine. I ran for about 20 minutes then got off as I was about to walk off i felt a arm grab me, It was the fine ass guy who was beside me. " Hey pretty lady, Im Dwayane". He said with all smiles, " Hey I'm Karmen". I said with a warm smile. " I'm not gonna lie ma your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen i couldn't take my eyes off you I was wondering how i didnt fell of the tredmill".He said, I laughed "I'm sure im nt the most beautiful girl u've ever seen" , " okk okk I admit u might not be but your still beautiful". He said showing his pearly whites l, Damn the were gorgeous. " Why thank you" I said smiling. " So ma i was wondering can i have your number"? " Sure". I took his phone and dailed my number in. " Thanks I'll text you hot stuff but i gadda go". He said kissing my cheek. " Bye". And with that said he was off.

I walked over to were the girls were, they were getting ready to leave." Girl who was that". Amaury asked ......" Ahhhhh No one". I said in hesitation, she didnt even respond she just gave me the 'I know u lying look' and picked up her stuff and walked off.

Hey guys hope u liked it sorry for my mistakes and if its too short jus continue expecting more.

Does Karmen have a new bf?

Well she cheat on Josh?

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